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A cold war between Nigeria’s newest billionaire, Dozy Mmobuosi and his elder brother-turned business partner,Kayinnebi, over the running of the new multibillion naira Tingo Farms in his homestead of Onicha-Ugbo,Delta state may have scuttled its smooth take off.


A reliable source says the fight between the two brothers has gotten so bad they are no longer on speaking terms.


The fallout ,we gathered came as a result of the younger Mmobuosi’s untimely sacking of Kayinnebi from co-running the affairs of the Mobile and Fintech company.


If no one knew problems existed between the duo,the development became public knowledge shortly after the ground -breaking ceremony of Tingo Farms in Onicha -Ugbo when the billionaire Dozy asked his brother to step aside as the Project Director at the eleventh hour and in-turn replaced him with one Tunji, a structural engineer who was interviewed and employed by Kayinnebi.

The development was said to have irked most of the workers who feel it was a big stab in the back from the junior Mmobuosi to his one and only brother who helped him developed his Tingo Farms project from conception to take-off.


The 1.6 billion dollars food processing plant sits atop 150 acres of land and is expected to produce Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) like Tomato, biscuits, bottle water, chocolates and diary products.It also has a rice farm.


As the story goes,all went well between the two brothers until the ground breaking ceremony which had former Agriculture Minister, Mohammad Abubakar and All Farmers Association of Nigeria, AFAN President,Farouk Rabiu in attendance.


Those who know a thing or two about the real issue say external influence may have contributed to their no love lost,with accusing fingers allegedly being directed at one of Dozy’s close associates,Martin Ebuwa,brought in by the billionaire to oversee the running of the project.He is now said to be the go-to-man on everything relating to the project.


The development has now pitched Kayinnebi,a chartered architect,who reportedly did the architectural drawing of the project,not only with his brother but some of the people he employed for doing a *Judas* on him.


Following the development,efforts by their father, concerned friends and associates of the Mmobuosis’ for the timely resolution of the feud has yielded no results.We also gathered that the issue has gotten so bad that the traditional ruler of the town had to wade in but failed in his efforts to convince the once upon a time close brothers to sheathe their sword.


Economic analysts say the news of the brothers feud over a yet- to- take off business such as the Tingo Farm is not a good one for the Industry as probable investors are watching.



Only recently,the billionaire businessman reportedly had a spat with the Malawian authorities over the issuance of a diplomatic passport.He was accused of allegedly obtaining their diplomatic passport in a record 2 hours after applying for it.

According to a report issued by the Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ-Malawi) although no relevant laws may have been broken,it however did frown at the speedy approval for a foreigner, noting it was a sharp contrast to the lengthy queues Malawians experience to obtain a passport.The report says Mmobuosi filled and applied for his passport under 11338407694 at the 5pm closing hour of Immigration but was promptly issued a record 2 hours later by 7pm.

The first class treatment was allegedly on the orders of the Malawian President,Lazarus Chakwera.

Reports in local media revealed that Mmobuosi had pledged to invest about half a million dollars in a housing project in Phalombe,Malawi after he was approached by his friend,the former Malawian President,Bakili Muluzi.


Another controversy surrounding Mmobuosi and his company,Tingo Foods is that revealed by United States based research *firm,Hindenburg,* that the company fabricated its financials.

Hindenburg said its checks with the Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC revealed that it has no record of Tingo, being a mobile licensee despite claims by it of having over 12million subscribers.

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BREAKING: Popular Nollywood actor, Mr Ibu is dead



Nollywood actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, is dead.

He was said to have died on Saturday, March 2, 2024.


In October 2023, the veteran actor was reported ill and required financial assistance.

But in November 2023, Okafor’s family confirmed that one of his legs had been amputated to keep him alive.


The amputation became necessary because of an infection of the arteries at the ankle that was not detected early enough, his former manager Emeka Chochoo revealed.

It was reported that he passed away in the hospital in the early ours of Saturday 2nd of March 2024.


Meanwhile, celebrities and colleagues of the Nollywood veteran have mourned Mr. Ibu in various social media posts.

May his Gentle soul rest in peace



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Baba Adinni and Iya Adinni: Harmony Gardens Chairman and Wife Inducted into Spiritual Roles



In a momentous occasion of spiritual significance and community recognition, the Chairman of Harmony Gardens and Estates Development LTD, Hon. Dr. Saheed Audullahi Mosadoluwa, popularly known as Mr. Ibile, and his wife, Hadjia Aishat Adebimpe, were recently installed with revered titles at an event hosted by the Al-Irshad Islamic Foundation.


Hon Saheed Mosadoluwa Ibile inaugurated a multi-billion naira ultra-modern Central Mosque at Ibeju-Lekki immidiately after he got recognized by the West Africa Islamic Council as the AL Mujaddid in Rabbat, Morocco.


According to popular Muslim tradition, the term refers to an individual who emerges at the turn of each century in the Islamic calendar to rejuvenate Islam, purging it of extraneous elements and restoring it to its original purity. In contemporary times, a mujaddid is regarded as the preeminent Muslim figure of a century.


The concept of Mujaddid is based on a hadith (a saying of Islamic prophet Muhammad), recorded by Abu Dawood, narrated by Abu Hurairah who mentioned that Muhammad said:


Allah will raise Mujaddid for this community at the end of every 100 years the one who will renovate its religion for it.


Recall that in a grand ceremony attended by distinguished personalities and spiritual leaders, Hon Saheed Audullahi Mosadoluwa, Chairman and CEO of Harmony Gardens and Estates Development LTD, officially commissioned and handed over a state-of-the-art central mosque in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State, on Friday, January 19th, 2024.


The auspicious event witnessed the presence of esteemed religious leaders, including Sheik Semiu .A. Opeloyeru, The Grand Chief Imam and General President of the League of Imam and Alfa in Ibeju-Lekki L.G.A. The ceremony commenced with the arrival of Sheik Semiu .A. Opeloyeru, setting the tone for a day of spiritual significance and community celebration.


Representing the executive governor of Lagos State, His Excellency Babajide Sanwoolu, was Hon. Ahmed Abdulai Jembe, the Special Adviser on Islamic Affairs to the governor, graced the ceremony. The Onibeju in attendance emphasizing the significance of the event in the cultural and traditional context.


The event saw the attendance of various traditional rulers, highlighting the communal and inclusive nature of the mosque inauguration. Notably, the newly appointed Lagos NURTW Chairman, Mustapha Sego, drew attention as his presence added an extra layer of recognition to the occasion.


However, the prestigious ceremony, held at Monarch Hall in Osapa London Lekki, Lagos State, saw Hon. Dr. Saheed Audullahi Mosadoluwa bestowed with the title of Baba Adinni, signifying a revered position within the religious community. His wife, Hadjia Aishat Adebimpe, was similarly honored as Iya Adinni, a title of great respect and responsibility.


The Al-Irshad Islamic Foundation, under the guidance of its founder Sheik Rasheed Adeleke, who is also the owner of Al-Irshad Travel and Tours, organized the event as a Pre-Ramadan lecture, award ceremony, and Turbaning ceremony. The atmosphere was filled with spiritual fervor and communal joy as community members gathered to witness the momentous occasion.


Notably, Abu Abel and other prominent figures, was also present at the event, adding to the significance of the gathering. The ceremony, held on Sunday, February 25th, 2024, brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the exemplary contributions of Hon. Dr. Saheed Audullahi Mosadoluwa and his wife to both the community and the Islamic faith.


The Turbaning ceremony, a traditional rite of passage within the Islamic community, symbolizes a deep connection with cultural heritage and spiritual leadership. The titles of Baba Adinni and Iya Adinni carry great responsibilities, signifying the honorees’ commitment to serving the community and upholding the values of the Islamic faith.


As the community celebrates this significant event, the installation of Hon. Dr. Saheed Audullahi Mosadoluwa and Hadjia Aishat Adebimpe as Baba Adinni and Iya Adinni reflects their exemplary leadership and commitment to the principles of Harmony Gardens and Estate Development LTD. The event serves as a beacon of unity, spirituality, and communal recognition within the Osapa London in Lekki community.

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