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Murphy Adebare, popularly known as Topaz, was on Tuesday apprehended by the Nigerian Police Force after three months of evading arrest.

Adebare, who had allegedly been in hiding, was finally apprehended and he’s set to face court charges for land grabbing, fraud, forgery, and criminal trespass before Justice Mojisola Dada.


Adebare’s arrest follows an extensive investigation into allegations made by the “Resettlement Committee on Abomiti, Yeguda, and Eyin-Osa

when the committee, responsible for managing the land acquired by the Lagos State Government for the Lekki Free Trade project raised serious concerns regarding Adebare’s activities.


Adebare was alleged to be a fraudster who specializes in using either government-acquisition land or land already allocated to others to defraud innocent land buyers through his company Topaz Gardens.


According to the charges, Police investigation and legal advice from the CP Legal Office in charge of the case from Abuja, a letter was earlier this year sent to the Commissioner of Police, Legal/Prosecution Section, Force Criminal Intelligent Investigation Department (FCIID), seeking advice on the report on multiple offenses against Murphy Adebare and the charges including the unlawful invasion of landed property, malicious damage, conspiracy, harassment, fraudulent sale of Eyin Osa land, giving false information to mislead law enforcement officers and conduct likely to cause a breach of peace in the metropolitan area of Lagos State which contravenes the Lagos State Properties Protection Law 2016.


The Eyin Osa committee provided substantial evidence to support their claims of being the authorized body entrusted with managing the land.

However,in contrast, Adebare allegedly failed to produce credible evidence during the investigation to substantiate his claim of ownership of the land legally.


The individuals he alleged to have sold the land to him also denied such transactions because the portion he is claiming doesn’t even belong to the witness he provided during the DIG interview, sources say.


Based on the evidence gathered, the investigating team concluded that a prima facie case had been established against Adebare and his associates. They recommended that charges be brought against them, including conspiracy, criminal trespass, assault, forceful takeover, illegal occupation of property, illegal use of law enforcement agents, encroachment with a weapon, and frivolous petitions.


Following his arrest, Adebare was detained at the Area J Police Station in Ajah, Lagos.

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Harmony Gardens MD, Saheed Mosadoluwa Tackles Nigeria’s Housing Deficit As BHDSummit2024 Holds in July



Come July 2nd 2024, Harmony Gardens and Estate Development Ltd, under the leadership of Hon. Dr Saheed Mosadoluwa better known as Mr Ibile will be hosting Bridging Housing Deficit Summit 2024 “BHDSummit2024”, coinciding with the grand launch of Lekki Aviation Town. This summit will bring together 7,000 Nigerians to discuss solutions to the housing deficit and affordability obstacles, showcasing Mosadoluwa’s commitment to addressing these critical issues.


Hon. Dr. Saheed Mosadoluwa, a prominent businessman and entrepreneur, is making significant strides in tackling Nigeria’s housing deficit and national airline challenges. As the chairman of Harmony Gardens and Estate Development Ltd, Mosadoluwa has established himself as a leading figure in sustainable real estate development in Lagos State.


Founded in 2019, Harmony Gardens and Estate Development Ltd has grown into a major player in the Nigerian real estate industry. With a portfolio that includes seven developing estates, such as HarmonyVille, Granville, CrestView, Oju-Alaro Estates, and Lekki Aviation Town, the company aims to provide housing for up to 750,000 Nigerians. The acquisition of 1,412 hectares of land valued at $860 million underscores the firm’s ambition and capability.


Mosadoluwa’s journey began in the aviation and logistics sectors, where he catered to Hajj operations and freight forwarding. His expertise led to the founding of Royal Crystal Airways in 2019, after serving as Director of Operations for airlines including Saudi Gulf, White Airways, and Nigeria’s defunct Kabo Airline. His aviation ventures have contributed to a diversified portfolio that spans logistics, events, hospitality, and manufacturing, with a global footprint across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.


Mr. Ibile’s impact extends beyond real estate. His commitment to public service and sustainable development has earned him recognition as one of the most influential young entrepreneurs in West Africa. Despite facing numerous challenges, he has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and visionary leadership.


In addition to his business achievements, Mosadoluwa has addressed the pressing issues of Nigeria’s housing deficit and national airline challenges. He believes that overcoming these obstacles requires a willingness to let go of trade-offs and embrace innovative solutions. His vision for Lekki Aviation Town, a hub for aviation services, training, and innovation, aims to position Lagos State as a key player in the global aviation industry.


Harmony Gardens and Estate Development Ltd’s success is a testament to Mosadoluwa’s innovative approach to urban living. The company’s flagship project, Harmony Gardens Estates, sets new standards for luxury and sustainability in Lagos. Notable developments include the acquisition of land for Lekki Aviation Town and the launch of multi-billion-naira estates in the Lekki area.


Hon. Dr. Saheed Mosadoluwa’s dedication to excellence, sustainable development, and innovation continues to inspire a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. His efforts to transform Nigeria’s housing and aviation sectors highlight his role as a visionary leader committed to making a lasting impact on the nation’s development.

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N3.5Billion Debt:  Court Orders Gravitas Company Accounts in 26 Banks Frozen



In a bid to satisfy judgement sum of N3,520,976,013 a Federal high court sitting in Lagos has granted an order attaching the sum of

(“Judgment Sum”), or any sum maximum of N3,520,976,013 standing to the credit of a Limited liability company GRAVITAS INVESTMENTS LIMITED (The Judgement Debtor)in any of its accounts domiciled with the 26 commercial banks listed before the court.


The order of the presiding Judge,Justice Chukwujekwu Aneke,was sequel to an application,accompanied with sworn affidavit of the General manager. of West Africa Dredging and Marine Technology company( The judgement Creditor) Isaac Koloko and filed and argued before the court by a Lagos lawyer Barrister Louis Akanimo,


Mr. Koloko alleged that on, 10th December, 2021, the presiding Judge Chukwujekwu Aneke,entered judgment in this suit against Gravitas Investment Limited,in a consent judgement.


The said Consent Judgment is still wholly unsatisfied by the company as the company has failed, refused and neglected to comply with the Consent Judgment of the Court made on the 10th day of December 2021.


Indeed the company failed to liquidate the entirety of the Judgment Debt in full on or before 3rd of December 2023, as specifically stipulated by the Consent Judgment;

The company failed to meet its payment obligation on several of the quarterly tranche payments due in the year 2023, as stipulated by the Consent Judgment;


Out of the total Judgment Debt of 4,301,707,500 (Four Billion,Three Hundred and One Million, Seven Hundred and Seven Thousand, Five Hundred Naira Only) due as at the date of the Consent Judgment, the company only paid the Applicant West Africa Dredging and Marine Technologies the sum of N2,366,853,750 (Two Billion,Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Million, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Three Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty Naira Only) leaving a balance,on the principal, of N2,009,853,750 (Two Billion, Nine Million, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Three Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty Naira Only);meeting its tranche payment obligation to the Applicant under the Consent Judgment as and when due, a total of N1,511,121,263.00 (One Billion, Five Hundred and Eleven Million, One Hundred and Twenty-One Thousand,Two on the Judgment Debt as at 30th April 2024. Both outstanding (Three Billion,Five Hundred and Twenty Million, Nine Hundred and Seventy-Six Thousand, Thirteen Naira Only) remain unpaid till date.


The last tranche of the judgment sum sought to be attached became due on 31st of December,2023 which is more than two years as at the date of filing this Application,yet the Judgment Sum/debt remains due, partially unsatisfied and continues to accrue interest under the said Consent Judgment.


The company maintains bank accounts with the 26 commercial banks who are indigenous companies licenced to undertake banking business and related financial services in Nigeria, and that unless the Court so orders, the banks are unlikely to disclose the money due to the Judgment Debtor or pay it over to the Judgement Creditor in satisfaction of the outstanding Judgment Sum.

The Consent Judgment sought to be enforced was delivered more than two (2) years ago.

After listening to the submission of Barrister Lious Akanimo,the presiding Judge,Justice Chukwujekwu Aneke

ordered as follows :-

Order is made granting leave to attach the sum of N3,520,976,013(Three Billion, Five Hundred and Twenty Million,Nine Hundred and Seventy-Six Thousand, Thirteen Naira Only)(“Judgment Sum”), or any sum maximum of N3,520,976,013 (Three Billion, Five Hundred and Twenty Million,Nine Hundred and Seventy-Six Thousand, Thirteen Naira Only),standing to the credit of the Judgment Debtor in any of its accounts domiciled with the banks respectively, for the satisfaction of the Judgment sum due from the Judgment Debtor to the Applicant, as at 30th April, 2024 pursuant to the Consent Judgment of the court.


An order is made directing the banks to respectively prepare and file before this Court duly certified Statements of accounts showing the Judgment Debtor’s financial position with each banks as at the date of this Honourable Court’s order

An order is made that the cost of this proceedings, as assessed by the Court shall be attached together with the Judgment Sum.

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