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The presidential candidate of the PDP, Abubakar Atiku and Labour party, Peter Obi are currently wailing following their loss to Tinubu in the just concluded presidential election but when they were warned by Primate Ayodele before the election held, they never listened.


Some think men of God are only looking for relevance whenever they warn them or give them prophecies. Although we have prophets and pastors in that category, Primate Ayodele can never be found doing such; he is relevant already, has fame, is wealthy, there is absolutely nothing these politicians can give him that he doesn’t have already.


Primate Ayodele warned Atiku and Peter Obi that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is desperate to win this election even though God doesn’t approve of his government. He mentioned that the APC candidate is ready to battle it financially, spiritually, technically, legally, illegally just to win the election but they didn’t listen. He gave them directions on what to do in order to block Tinubu’s victory but did they do anything? Not at all.


In January, Primate Ayodele stated that Tinubu’s ‘Emilokan’ has a deep spiritual meaning and if the oppositions take it for a joke, they will be shocked at their loss. He revealed that only those with spiritual understanding can decipher the mystery behind ‘Emilokan.’’


The prophet called on the oppositions to wake up from slumber because if they don’t attack ‘Emilokan’, Tinubu will win the election against God’s will.


These were his words

‘’Don’t joke with the chances of the APC, Don’t take Tinubu for granted, he is not old politically and he wants this presidency. His pronouncements are more spiritual than physical. He speaks with so much authority, his pronouncements are more spiritual but Nigerians think he is playing.’’


‘’The word ‘Emilokan’ is very spiritual, don’t take Tinubu for a joke with this word. ‘Emilokan’ should wake up the PDP and Labour party from sleeping. The word is more spiritual than physical. If you don’t want Tinubu to win, attack ‘Emilokan.’’


Primate Ayodele had maintained that another APC government will be disastrous for Nigeria but if the opposition fail to do the needful, they will give way for another APC government and that’s exactly what happened.


The election was marred with so many technical irregularities that a larger part of Nigerians are yet to come to terms that Tinubu won the election. Unlike before, there hasn’t been any significant jubilations for Tinubu’s victory by ordinary Nigerians who are not APC members, all we have seen is several pockets of resistance protesting against the victory of the APC.


This would not have happened if Atiku and Peter Obi listened to Primate Ayodele’s prophetic warnings.

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Breaking: PDP induces people to impersonate political parties, plans press conference.



Concerned citizens in Ogun state on Friday raised an alarm over the inducement of some buyable politicians by PDP governorship candidate, Hon. Ladi Adebutu.


The insider source revealed that Adebutu, who lost out in the governorship election of last Saturday, has slated a press conference where some people will impersonate the executives of the Ogun State Chapter of Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) along with few politicians claiming to be Chairmen of registered political parties, with a promise of N2 million naira each.

The press conference slated for Park Inn Abeokuta, owned by Ladi Adebutu’s father will hold any moment from now.


According to the insider source, “Ladi and his party know they cannot win at the Tribunal because they are quoting a wrong section of the Electoral Act 2022, while ignoring the relevant and applicable section of the law. That is why they are bent on inciting and inducing the public instead of going to the Tribunal”

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Billionaire Bizman Femi Egbeoluwa And Wife Murdered In Lagos



The Lagos State police force has launched an investigation into the assassination of a couple in the Allen Avenue area of Ikeja Lagos state Nigeira.


Engineer Femi Matthew Egbeoluwa and his wife, Funmi were reportedly killed by unidentified gunmen who broke into their home at 1 Adefolu drive, Allen Avenue between last Friday night and early Saturday. The couple’s house workers were also attacked by the assailants, who left the wife in a pool of blood. The police spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the incident and stated that the investigation is ongoing, although no suspect has been arrested at the time of filing this report. The case has been transferred to the homicide section of the state Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba, for further investigation.


The assassination of the couple has sent shockwaves across Lagos State and has raised concerns about the safety and security of residents. The police force has assured residents that they will leave no stone unturned in their investigation and that those responsible for the crime will be brought to justice.


Engineer Femi Egbeoluwa and his wife were well-known members of their community and their deaths have been met with widespread mourning and tributes. Many have taken to social media to express their condolences to the family and to call for justice for the couple.


The incident has once again highlighted the need for improved security measures in residential areas across Lagos State. It is important for individuals and communities to take proactive steps to ensure their safety and security, such as installing security cameras, strengthening security doors and windows, and being vigilant about suspicious activities in their neighborhood.



The police force has urged anyone with information that could help with the investigation to come forward and provide assistance. It is crucial for members of the public to work together with law enforcement agencies to combat crime and ensure the safety of their communities.


The tragic assassination of Engineer Femi Matthew Egbeoluwa and his wife should serve as a wake-up call to all residents to take the issue of security seriously and work together to make Lagos State a safer place for everyone.

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