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The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has asked politicians to desist from twisting his prophecies for their gains.


This was issued in a statement released by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin in reaction to a viral story extracted from a video that the man of God has prophesied victory for APC in the 2023 presidential election.


The media office made it known that Primate Ayodele has not made a statement on the eventual winner of the election but all he has done is release warnings to all major candidates in the election.


He explained in the video, Primate Ayodele was seen warning the PDP and Labour Party candidate not to be relaxed because the APC candidate is desperate and is willing to do anything to become victorious.


Also, the media aide urged media practitioners to be responsible in their approach to news writing instead of raising false alarms that will only dent their credibility.


” It has been brought to our attention that some politicians have been twisting the prophecies of Primate Ayodele for their personal gains.


Rumours peddlers have shared that the man of God prophesied victory for the candidate of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the coming 2023 presidential election.


They claimed Primate Ayodele made the statement in a video interview which was seen on his church’s Facebook page.


Against their claims, Primate Ayodele never outrightly said Tinubu will win the presidential election, All Primate Ayodele did in the video is to warn all the major candidates as usual.


These were his words


“PDP and Labour party are not yet ready for thus election. What I saw over night is what I am revealing, the Lord says APC is ready to put all arsenal together; legally or illegally to get this election and If you are taking them for granted, they will be there, it’s only that Tinubu will not do second term if you allow him”


There is no where Primate Ayodele declared victory for Tinubu, and it is a known fact that Primate Ayodele has been against APC Muslim-Muslim ticket, He has spoken against the candidacy of Tinubu severally. The man of God is not one who would speak from both sides of the mouth. This was just a wake-up call to the opposition parties.


We understand that everyone is at liberty to share any information especially on social media but it is important to note that falsehood is not appreciated anywhere.


We urge the public to please disregard the rumour flying on the internet, Primate Ayodele never prophesied victory for APC in the election at anytime, neither has he revealed the winner of the election.


We also hope that media practitioners will be responsible in their duties to ensure that falsehood is totally eradicated in the Nigeria media space.

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Zenith Bank Refunds N3.23m To Angry Customer Chiamaka Agim



A leading Nigerian commercial bank, Zenith Bank has returned N3.23 million to Chiamaka Agim, a Lagos State resident whose N4.039 million was erroneously deducted on January 9.


According to reports, Zenith Bank had previously informed Agim that she would only receive N800,500 of the N4,039,900 that had been debited.


But on Monday, January 16, in the evening, the bank sent back N3,239,400.


Recently, the Zenith Bank client shared a post about the refund on her Twitter page.



Agim reported that on that Monday, the bank contacted her to provide an update on the refunded money.


“After the event, they had to put my account on pause, so I didn’t get any alerts,” the user said. I was told to visit the bank the next day,” she recalled.


“They had credited my account with N3,239,400 around 7.30 pm on Monday,” the customer said. “My account statement was printed when I got to the bank.”


She claimed to have discovered that Access, one of the two banks to which the funds were transferred, still held the remaining N800,500.


Zenith Bank stated that Access Bank is now withholding the funds and that it is not their fault at this time. They said Access Bank stated that the funds would not be released without a court order.

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Primate Ayodele Begins 17 Days Of Appreciation & Philanthropic Impacts, Visits Sick People



The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has kicked-off a 17-day appreciation and philanthropic impact on Sunday, 29th Of January till Tuesday, 14th Of February, 2023.

Many of his church members had a first-hand experience of the prophet’s philanthropic impact yesterday, Sunday, which marked the beginning of the programme. A good number of youths in the church choir were empowered, surgery fee was paid for 25 people, accommodation fee was paid for 20 people and every member of the congregation were given food items.


Today, Monday, which is the second day, Primate Ayodele visited old and sick people in Lagos communities with money, food items, clothing materials, and many more. He also prayed with them and settled some of their needs.


The old people couldn’t hold their joy as they passionately hugged the prophet and showered prayers on him for his rare philanthropic act. The very jovial prophet was also seen cracking jokes and playing with some of them just to lighten up their moods.

Till February 14, Primate Ayodele will be visiting several places, institutions, organizations to show gratitude and impact people with cash gifts, prayers, words of encouragement, food items, to mention but a few.


This is not the first time Primate Ayodele will be engaging in such philanthropic acts; every 14th of February is a day dedicated for his annual thanksgiving and it has been his culture to engage in massive philanthropic acts on days preceding the D-day.


Every February 14 for Primate Ayodele is always the mother of all empowerment. In recent years, the man of God has given out cars, tricycles, thousands of GCE/JAMB forms, scholarships, accommodation fees, school fees, sewing machines, beds, food items, among a host of many others.

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