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*Governor* *Nyesom* *Wike* of Rivers state has again come under scathing criticism by antartica/South Pole explorer, *Prince* *Ned* *Nwoko* who accused him of instigating crisis in PDP since he lost the presidential primary to Atiku Abubakar and the party’s vice presidential nomination despite wasting huge sums of money belonging to Rivers state trying to bribe some party officials.He has impoverished Rivers state through wasteful and expensive inordinate ambitions to remain in power.


Earlier this week in an interview with journalists at Asaba Airport ,Prince Nwoko who is the PDP Delta North senatorial candidate had called for the expulsion of Wike,labelling him a nuisance.


But the Rivers state governor,in a statement by his commissioner for information,Mr Chris Finebone, said Nwoko’s persistent attacks on Wike were connected to the $418 million Paris club refund being claimed by some consultants including Nwoko, which Wike and some other governors have opposed.


In a reaction, contained in a statement at Asaba, Ned Nwoko Media directorate, lambasted Wike for stoking unnecessary confusion in PDP.

They described Wike as a sore loser, embittered by electoral defeat, urging him to come to reality with the fact that the presidential primary has come and gone.The team tasked him “to disclose his political pedigree, other than a shameless latter – day opportunist who got power by the patronage of a godfather in 2015”


The statement further challenged Wike:


“Let Wike name his source of livelihood outside political office ,obtained through rascality and dubious tactics.It is unfortunate that a failed obscure lawyer as timid as a local goat had been posturing in recent times with false airs of an emperor, insulting those far better than him in education and exposure.


“It is unacceptable for Wike to continue to embarrass PDP with crude, unruly and bellicose tendencies attempting to play God. Wike is a bad- tempered trouble monger.He should stop his recklessness . Enough of his unguarded statements, unbecoming of a governor.Why is he crying everywhere because he lost an election? Who made him an indispensable leader? Does he know how PDP evolved? His agitations are not genuine but selfish.


” He spoke dishonesty about the London- Paris club refund.He should be grateful. But for the initiative of Prince Ned Nwoko when Wike was struggling to be a local government chairman the over 60 billion Naira he collected as Rivers state’s share from the Paris club refund would not have been possible.


“When Ned Nwoko was engaged by the states from 2005 as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and he began his campaigns (at the High Court in London) for the federal government to stop further deductions from the states and local governments allocations and for the excess deductions to be refunded, where was Wike.? He was totally and completely out of his depths, inconsequential and will still be after the elections. Where was he when the likes of governors Bonny Haruna, Orji Kalu, Peter Obi,Jolly Nyame visited Ned Nwoko’s office in London with their teams.

Is it not an insult and stupidity to ask what Prince Nwoko does for a living after hugely benefiting from his patriotic efforts.

Is it not a grave irresponsibility for Wike to open his mouth and suggest that he is one of those stopping Ned Nwoko’s payments after receiving huge refunds from the Paris Club refunds?


“The Rivers state governor squandered the Paris club refund ,that accrued to the state,diverted the entitlements that ought to have been paid the local governments ,for self gratification.How did he utilize the money? He mismanaged it.Even the money for the councils. Instead, Wike is gallivanting around the world wasting Rivers state’s money chasing shadows and in the process 25 innocent kids died in the state hospital because of lack of electricity in the hospital.In a civilized society,Wike should have resigned.Indeed he would be prosecuted for the deaths of these innocent kids.This is unpardonable criminal negligence, yet a power -hungry governor like Wike is busy looking for another political office to continue pillaging public resources while his people suffer.


Wike is not fighting for the south. He is greedy. If he was chosen as the VP as he desperately wanted, would he have been complaining that the PDP national chairman, Ayu should go? Certainly not.


Those who got into offices through fraudulent politics must be cautious in exercising transient authority.

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Breaking: PDP induces people to impersonate political parties, plans press conference.



Concerned citizens in Ogun state on Friday raised an alarm over the inducement of some buyable politicians by PDP governorship candidate, Hon. Ladi Adebutu.


The insider source revealed that Adebutu, who lost out in the governorship election of last Saturday, has slated a press conference where some people will impersonate the executives of the Ogun State Chapter of Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) along with few politicians claiming to be Chairmen of registered political parties, with a promise of N2 million naira each.

The press conference slated for Park Inn Abeokuta, owned by Ladi Adebutu’s father will hold any moment from now.


According to the insider source, “Ladi and his party know they cannot win at the Tribunal because they are quoting a wrong section of the Electoral Act 2022, while ignoring the relevant and applicable section of the law. That is why they are bent on inciting and inducing the public instead of going to the Tribunal”

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Wema Bank Organises Financial Literacy Programme for Students to mark 2023 Global Financial Literacy Day



Wema Bank Plc, Nigeria’s leading Innovative Financial Institution is championing financial literacy for the next generation by participating in the Global Money Week to commemorate the Financial Literacy Day on March 23, 2023.


In alignment with the theme “Plan your Money, plant your Future”, Wema Bank organized financial literacy sessions for secondary school students across all states where the Bank is represented. This is to instill an early understanding of the significance of building a solid financial foundation and achieving financial stability and success from a young age.


The Deputy Managing Director of Wema Bank, Mr. Wole Akinleye, led the Financial Literacy Session at Yola Model School, Adamawa State. The students were trained on personal finance topics such as budgeting, emergency funds, saving for goal actualization, investment, donating for positive societal impact amongst others. He further encouraged the students on the importance of developing financial literacy as a life skill.


Speaking on the significance of Financial Literacy Week, Mr. Akinleye emphasized Wema Bank’s commitment to empowering young minds with the skills and knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions. In his words, “Our hope is that through these initiatives, we can empower more individuals to take control of their finances and achieve financial stability.”


Financial literacy is vital for the achievement of financial stability, and it is essential to ensure that everyone has the necessary tools to manage their finances effectively and achieve their financial goals. Wema Bank Plc is committed to providing educational resources and opportunities for children through the Royal Kiddies Account and a range of other savings products, supporting financial empowerment for the next generation.

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