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The euphoria that greeted the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the presidential candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC) on Wednesday, 8 June, 2022 has continued to vibrate across the nooks and crannies of the country, especially among his die-hearted supporters.


The city of Akure, the capital of Ondo State, southwest Nigeria, was agog at the weekend when one of the leading support groups of Tinubu’s presidential ambition, Tinubu Hope Vanguard, hosted a victory party to thank God, and also to celebrate the victory at the APC presidential primary in Abuja.


The Oba-Ile Housing Estate in Akure, where the party was hosted, was a beehive of activities, even despite being a raining Saturday, many members of the group trooped out in their numbers to celebrate the former Governor of Lagos State whose moment of glory is now.


The Convener of Tinubu Hope Vanguard, Barrister Rotimi Dawodu said he was not surprised that Tinubu could win the APC primary with a landslide result, adding that Asiwaju has been a product that gives his supporters very easy marketing push.


According to him, the party was organised to “celebrate the victory of our leader, mentor and uncommon strategist Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban of the universe. We are celebrating his victory in the APC presidential primary because all members of Tinubu Hope Vanguard believe that this is a well-deserved victory,” Barrister Rotimi said.


The Convener of Tinubu Hope Vanguard applauded the spirit of sportsmanship exhibited by Tinubu as he extended his hands of fellowship to his co-contestants, who he has been visiting to appeal to them so that all hands would be on deck to ensure total victory in the general elections next year.


“I am so amazed with his style of leadership. All that happens in the primary is behind us now as we now set sights on the campaign for the general elections.

“Today, we gather here to celebrate our victory in Abuja. I must confess, I didn’t have any doubt that Asiwaju would win the primary. We thank God and we appreciate all the delegates who voted rightly during the election,” said Barrister Rotimi.


Dr Funmilola Dawodu, the wife of the Convener said the party was a get together of members of Tinubu Hope Vanguard to celebrate the victory of the builder of men, chief strategist and an economic guru who is a friend of all irrespective of tribes and religious. She noted that the group is ever ready to mobilise more than ever before to see that Tinubu is voted into the office during the next general elections.


Dr Adeolu Austin, a member of the group said the party was a celebration of uncommon victory against all adversities, against all permutations and against all conspiracies. We are grateful that our group is counted among the various noble platforms that stood in support of our principal in whom we have all hopes that he would turn around the fortune of this great nation.


He noted that the APC presidential primary was the first hurdle for Tinubu to cross, adding that the second phase in the race is the campaign which he believes would be issues based, devoid of the usual ethnic and religion biases associated with Nigerian politics.


Many other members who spoke during the party praised the doggedness of Tinubu as a fighter which all his supporters are looking forward to.


The event was a moment of merriment, joy and dance for members of the Tinubu Hope Vanguard.

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Kogi East Senatorial Candidate VICTOR ADOJI Honoured By American University – As 5 Other Africans Bag Awards



The American Heritage University of Southern California has confered Honourary Doctorate Degree on some six prominent personalities who have distinguished themselves from the field of Business,Education, Politics and, Entrepreneurship.

They are:

*1. Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji-* Nigeria

*2. Honourable* *MacDonald Wento-* Liberia.

*3. Dr. Ignance Niyigaba-* Rwanda.

*4. Engineer Hammah-* Ghana

*5. Lord Ambassador* *Michael Kelvin Ejeagah-* South Africa

*6. His Excellency* *Augustine Waeh- Liberia*

The American Heritage University of Southern California is the first African funded and owned University in California, founded in 2004.

The University is one of the respected Universities in the world, with its Law School producing many Attorneys who are currently practicing Law across the United States.

One of its products include Rhonda Baldwin-Kennedy who ran for Congress.


For Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji, an international reputable scholar who is the Kogi East PDP Senatorial Candidate, and overwhelmingly adjudged as a frontrunner to win the general election in 2023.

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Nwoko Attacks Wike Again – Asks Him To Account For Rivers Money



A few days after calling for the expulsion of Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike from the PDP,

former Delta Lawmaker and billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko has accused the fiery governor of squandering the Paris Club refund that accrued to the state and local government areas for self-gratification.


Mr Nwoko, who is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senatorial candidate for Delta North, stated this in a statement on Tuesday.


Mr Nwoko has been engaging the Rivers governor whom he accused of instigating the crisis in the PDP for selfish reasons after failing to win the presidential primary of the party and also failing to secure a slot as a running mate to Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential candidate.


Mr Nwoko had earlier described Mr Wike as a “nuisance” and called for the expulsion of the governor from the party.


Mr Nwoko described Mr Wike as a “failed obscure lawyer,”. He challenged the governor to disclose his source of livelihood outside political office which, according to him, Mr Wike “obtained through rascality and dubious tactics.”


“The Rivers state governor squandered the Paris club refund, which accrued to the state, diverted the entitlements that ought to have been paid the local governments, for self gratification. How did he utilise the money? He mismanaged it.


“Instead, Wike is gallivanting around the world wasting Rivers State’s money, chasing shadows and in the process 25 innocent kids died in the state hospital because of lack of electricity in the hospital. In a civilised society, Wike should have resigned. Indeed he would be prosecuted for the deaths of these innocent kids. This is unpardonable criminal negligence, yet a power-hungry governor like Wike is busy looking for another political office to continue pillaging public resources while his people suffer.”

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