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The euphoria that greeted the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the presidential candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC) on Wednesday, 8 June, 2022 has continued to vibrate across the nooks and crannies of the country, especially among his die-hearted supporters.


The city of Akure, the capital of Ondo State, southwest Nigeria, was agog at the weekend when one of the leading support groups of Tinubu’s presidential ambition, Tinubu Hope Vanguard, hosted a victory party to thank God, and also to celebrate the victory at the APC presidential primary in Abuja.


The Oba-Ile Housing Estate in Akure, where the party was hosted, was a beehive of activities, even despite being a raining Saturday, many members of the group trooped out in their numbers to celebrate the former Governor of Lagos State whose moment of glory is now.


The Convener of Tinubu Hope Vanguard, Barrister Rotimi Dawodu said he was not surprised that Tinubu could win the APC primary with a landslide result, adding that Asiwaju has been a product that gives his supporters very easy marketing push.


According to him, the party was organised to “celebrate the victory of our leader, mentor and uncommon strategist Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban of the universe. We are celebrating his victory in the APC presidential primary because all members of Tinubu Hope Vanguard believe that this is a well-deserved victory,” Barrister Rotimi said.


The Convener of Tinubu Hope Vanguard applauded the spirit of sportsmanship exhibited by Tinubu as he extended his hands of fellowship to his co-contestants, who he has been visiting to appeal to them so that all hands would be on deck to ensure total victory in the general elections next year.


“I am so amazed with his style of leadership. All that happens in the primary is behind us now as we now set sights on the campaign for the general elections.

“Today, we gather here to celebrate our victory in Abuja. I must confess, I didn’t have any doubt that Asiwaju would win the primary. We thank God and we appreciate all the delegates who voted rightly during the election,” said Barrister Rotimi.


Dr Funmilola Dawodu, the wife of the Convener said the party was a get together of members of Tinubu Hope Vanguard to celebrate the victory of the builder of men, chief strategist and an economic guru who is a friend of all irrespective of tribes and religious. She noted that the group is ever ready to mobilise more than ever before to see that Tinubu is voted into the office during the next general elections.


Dr Adeolu Austin, a member of the group said the party was a celebration of uncommon victory against all adversities, against all permutations and against all conspiracies. We are grateful that our group is counted among the various noble platforms that stood in support of our principal in whom we have all hopes that he would turn around the fortune of this great nation.


He noted that the APC presidential primary was the first hurdle for Tinubu to cross, adding that the second phase in the race is the campaign which he believes would be issues based, devoid of the usual ethnic and religion biases associated with Nigerian politics.


Many other members who spoke during the party praised the doggedness of Tinubu as a fighter which all his supporters are looking forward to.


The event was a moment of merriment, joy and dance for members of the Tinubu Hope Vanguard.

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How Atiku, Peter Obi Ignored Primate Ayodele’s Warnings On Tinubu Before Presidential Elections



The presidential candidate of the PDP, Abubakar Atiku and Labour party, Peter Obi are currently wailing following their loss to Tinubu in the just concluded presidential election but when they were warned by Primate Ayodele before the election held, they never listened.


Some think men of God are only looking for relevance whenever they warn them or give them prophecies. Although we have prophets and pastors in that category, Primate Ayodele can never be found doing such; he is relevant already, has fame, is wealthy, there is absolutely nothing these politicians can give him that he doesn’t have already.


Primate Ayodele warned Atiku and Peter Obi that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is desperate to win this election even though God doesn’t approve of his government. He mentioned that the APC candidate is ready to battle it financially, spiritually, technically, legally, illegally just to win the election but they didn’t listen. He gave them directions on what to do in order to block Tinubu’s victory but did they do anything? Not at all.


In January, Primate Ayodele stated that Tinubu’s ‘Emilokan’ has a deep spiritual meaning and if the oppositions take it for a joke, they will be shocked at their loss. He revealed that only those with spiritual understanding can decipher the mystery behind ‘Emilokan.’’


The prophet called on the oppositions to wake up from slumber because if they don’t attack ‘Emilokan’, Tinubu will win the election against God’s will.


These were his words

‘’Don’t joke with the chances of the APC, Don’t take Tinubu for granted, he is not old politically and he wants this presidency. His pronouncements are more spiritual than physical. He speaks with so much authority, his pronouncements are more spiritual but Nigerians think he is playing.’’


‘’The word ‘Emilokan’ is very spiritual, don’t take Tinubu for a joke with this word. ‘Emilokan’ should wake up the PDP and Labour party from sleeping. The word is more spiritual than physical. If you don’t want Tinubu to win, attack ‘Emilokan.’’


Primate Ayodele had maintained that another APC government will be disastrous for Nigeria but if the opposition fail to do the needful, they will give way for another APC government and that’s exactly what happened.


The election was marred with so many technical irregularities that a larger part of Nigerians are yet to come to terms that Tinubu won the election. Unlike before, there hasn’t been any significant jubilations for Tinubu’s victory by ordinary Nigerians who are not APC members, all we have seen is several pockets of resistance protesting against the victory of the APC.


This would not have happened if Atiku and Peter Obi listened to Primate Ayodele’s prophetic warnings.

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How Kogi East Sen Jibrin Isah &Co Ruined Afribank . The Damning 87bn Missing Money Report Against Him



The abrupt collapse of one of Nigeria’s foremost commercial banks, Afribank Nigeria Plc, is not unconnected to mismanagement, crime and alleged fraud. The French investors’ bank was established in 1959 and operated as commercial bank, real estate, and insurance broker.


It had over 250 branches nationwide and rated in Nigeria’s “first four” until 2009 when the biggest financial heist was discovered among its top management executives, bulk of the reason the bank failed recapitalisation deadline issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria that year.


First in the list was the executive director, Treasury and Financial Institutions, Public Sector/Transaction Services, and Corporate Support, Mr Jibrin Isah, now the senator representing Kogi East senatorial district. Isah was dismissed from AfriBank in 2009 for alleged financial malpractices, frauds, and economic crimes.


Following his dismissal, Jibrin was arrested along with Mr. Sebastian Adigwe, Mr Chinedu Onyia, Mr Henry Arogundade, Mr Peter Ololo, Falcon Securities ltd, Osa Osunde, Isa Zailani and charged for financial malpractices, fraud, and Economic crime.


Thereafter a 36-count charge bordering on theft and alleged wrongful conversion of millions of shares belonging to Afribank Plc, valued at N87 billion were brought against the former Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Mr Sebastian Adigwe, Jibrin Isah, Mr Chinedu Onyia, Mr Henry Arogundade, Mr Peter Ololo, Osa Osunde and Isa Zailani who were ordered by Justice Olabisi Akinlade to be remanded in Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, custody by an Ikeja High Court.


They were accused of conspiracy, receiving stolen property and stealing the sum of N87 billion belonging to Afribank and were subsequently docked. The accused persons were alleged to have stolen the money which was fraudulently converted to the use of AIL Securities Limited, Asset Management Nominees Holding Limited and Falcons Securities Limited belonging to them.


It was a brazing and audacious criminal act to what transcend the modern-day stealing of the Nation’s resources by public office holders. No bank would have survived with such humongous amount of money unaccounted for. However, Senator Jibrin Isah and co were arraigned, but, to the consternation of everyone, Echocho was made a third witness against his fellow culprits despite palpably indicting evidences not minding that as the bank’s treasurer the responsibility of portfolio (liquidity, capital efficiency/adequacy and yield) management, trading/hedging, asset liability management and funds transfer pricing were all his; ironically, it was on all these premises that the bank was liquidated. Clearly. it was a high-level conspiracy and scheme abetted by the sleight hand of the relevant authorities.


Subsequently, Echocho was never seen in court again while Farida Waziri’s Economic and financial Crimes commission played ‘the blind eye’ with spurious claims that Jibrin was nowhere to be found.


It is rather unfortunate, Nigerians play to the gallery of victims of bad leadership, wherein they are either conscious or indeliberate accomplices. Jibrin Isah courtesy of the position he occupied in the defunct AfriBank played the lead role in insolvency, illiquidity and mismanagement of the institution leading to its unavoidable collapse. But how he bought justice over reducing Waziri’s EFCC to a mocking reference left much to be desired.


The U.S global watch was the first to react to the anti-graft agency’s loss of credibility and huge dent on Nigeria’s fight against corruption. And though, Waziri was later dismissed, the EFCC has existed at the whims and caprices of corrupt public and private corporate officials as the case of Afribank enunciates.


For a better understanding of Isah’s alleged shady deals in AfriBank, the petition written by an Abuja based Lawyer, Barrister Kayode Ajulo to the EFCC on the 30th of May 2012 is a veritable reference material:



We write as Solicitors to Mr. Gbolahan Peters and Alhaji Ahmed O. Ibrahim of Forum for Zero Tolerance to Financial Crimes, Abuja (hereafter referred to as your Petitioners) and wish to draw your attention to the criminal indictment against Mr. Jubrin Isah the erstwhile Executive Director of Afribank Nigeria Plc and the seemingly conspiracy by your Commission under the leadership of your predecessor to bringing him to justice.

Mr. Jubrin Isah, (herein after referred to as the Suspect) was the Executive Director of Afribank Nigeria Plc, who was disengaged through the dissolution of Executive Management team of some Banks in August, 2009, over financial malpractices and mismanagement of the Afribank Nigeria Plc.

Sequel to the dissolution, the Suspect was arrested and severally investigated subsequently upon which he was indicted and first arraigned with Sebastian Adigwe, Osa Osunde, Isa Zailani, Chinedu Onyia, Henry Arogundade, Falcon Securities Ltd, and Peter Ololo before the Federal High Court, Lagos with Charge No. FHC/L/294/09.


Moreover, in the Amended Charges filed of 13th April, 2010, the 33 amended count charges against the Suspect and others revealed that the Suspect and others mismanaged and thereby committed a financial crimes to the total tune of over 60 Billion contrary the Failed Banks (Recovery of Debts) and Financial Malpractices in Banks Act Cap. F2 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act and the Investments & Securities Act.

The Suspect and his co-accused were also arraigned before the High Court of Lagos State, Ikeja in May 2011 with Charge No. 10/160C/2011 However, to the consternation of your Petitioners and in what can only be depicted as a scheme and official conspiracy, all the charges against the Suspect were dropped while the prosecution team turned him to prosecution witness without any justification.


We wish to note that your Petitioners’ apprehension is not unfounded as the followings justified their fear:

1. During the Suspect’s initial criminal trial at Federal High Court, Lagos, in 2009, the Suspect, though was charged as co-accused was never brought before the court but was busy campaigning to become Peoples Democratic Party flag bearer in Kogi State, while your Commission under the leadership of your predecessor, Mrs. Farida Waziri maintained that the Suspect is nowhere to be found.

2. The Suspect by the summary of the charges, facts and circumstances of his indictment was not only the Executive Director of AfriBank Nigeria Plc, but by his admission in his statement made to your Commission, was in charge of Investment Banking, covering Treasury, Financial Institution, Federal Public Sector, Private Banking, E-Solution and Corporate Support, thereby making him to played the leading role in the offences charged.

3. Instances abound in the trial where other accused have queried your Commission’s decision to make the Suspect, your witness instead a co-accused considering the enormity of his indictments.

4. All the transactions of the Banking and Financial malpractices which formed the indictments of the Suspect and others were well documented of which his indicted as the principal accused person and thereby made him being turned to prosecution witness defective.

5. The absence of the principal accused person in the trial as co-accused would spell doom for the prosecution of the charge.

Against this background, our extant brief is to ask you to use your good offices to review the decision of your predecessors, and ensure that the Suspect is brought to book for his liabilities in the financial malpractices and economic crimes.

You are no doubt aware that it is now an established fact within and outside the shore of Nigeria that the bane of Nigeria under-development is as a result of economic crimes in public and private sectors.

This fact is very compelling that it lead to the establishment of your Commission to effectively tackle and curb the trend. No doubt, you are also aware that your Commission’s glooming public perception in fighting the economic crimes is not unconnected with your Commission’s wittingly and/or unwittingly insincerity and seemingly lack of will to prosecute those who have been apparently indicted like in the case of the suspect.

Your Petitioners cannot therefore allow this obvious inequality without it been addressed and it is in the circumstance of the foregoing that your petitioners in consideration of Section 24 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) and other enabling laws in Nigeria request your quick review of the indictments and prosecution of Alhaji Jubrin Isah for the purpose of bringing him to book for financial malpractices and economic crimes perpetrated while serving as Executive Director of Afribank Nigeria Plc.

TAKE NOTICE that if by 7th June, 2012 no practical steps and demonstration of good faith to bring Alhaji Jubrin Isah to book is taken, we shall without further notice, set in motion, machinery of justice to compel you to do same.

It is our firm confidence that by your Commission’s claims that no one is above the law, you will not hesitate to investigate the above allegation and bring the culprit to book.

Thanks for your mutual belief in the supremacy of the rule of law. Accept, please, the firm assurances of our highest regards.

Yours truly,



Z. A. BABAH, ESQ. Ag. Head of Chambers

Omolola AWOLOLA, ESQ. Counsel


1. President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Abuja;

2. Hon. Attorney-General of the Federation, Abuja;

3. Secretary to the Government of Federation, Abuja.”


It has been thirteen years since Jibrin Isah and his accomplices allegedly destroyed one of Nigeria’s finest financial institutions and thirteen years since the criminal trial of those who superintended the collapse of the bank. But as is the case with some of Nigeria’s criminal trials, the issue of Afribank has seemingly gathered dust in the shelves of the EFCC and the Nigerian judiciary while some of the shareholders and depositors of the banks who are lucky to be alive watch-on while those responsible enjoy the loot, occasionally brazenly.

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