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It’s not a new story that Funke Ashekun has decided to point at his father’s house with her left hand just like bastards do. I said I was going to follow up on her stories and expose the ill-mannered agenda that she displays on her program. For almost 6 months now she has been recycling same stories that have no basis and evidence, we have repeatedly asked her to name victims and provide documents to her claims and none has been made available. 


It was a very hilarious moment on Facebook as I stumble upon Zibah blog, discussing Funke Ashekun”s matter. As one that has written a couple of articles about this ungrateful lady and her plot to bite the finger that fed her, I quickly pulled up a chair to listen to the Facebook expose and couldn’t believe what my ears heard about our holier than thou lady and her husband.



I just found out that her father is in the ogboni confraternity, and the father in-law, a Native doctor.

She has been squealing like a broken record over her imaginary molestation, and people being abused in the toilet of her former GO.



After listening to the program that evening, I decided to track one of the callers who gave a stunning revelation on the show to seek more information and really get some facts.  We were told that this woman and her husband has allegedly been embezzling church funds for a long time, to the extent of even building a house from the proceeds of their iniquity. Amidst this, the husband on the other hand was basking in the arms of young ladies in the ushering department and the choir department .

I have repeatedly asked her just one question,, and that is, since she has been in that ministry for over two-decades claiming to work with your General overseer, have you ever been with him behind closed doors? has he ever made any pass at you?  if you can name anyone that has any claim to all these allegations ,kindly provide.

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