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The second term ambition of Governor Babajide Sanwoolu has been sealed with an endorsement by the governor advisory council (GAC), a body that consists of the highest decision making personalities as far as Lagos APC is concerned.


Before the endorsement came, there were several gang-up against the second term ambition of the governor as we saw on the social media. In some publications, it was reported that leaders of the APC in Lagos are not in support for a second term ambition, most especially the muslim leaders in the state.


It was also reported that Governor Sanwoolu had an agreement with the leaders who brought him into power that he will only rule for four years in order to complete Governor Ambode’s second term which was cut short when he had issues with the leaders in the state.


It was definitely not a smooth ride for the governor before he got to the stage of endorsement by the GAC, he has faced some gang-up by those who are against him.


Considering the whole development, it is worthy of note that popular prophet, Primate Ayodele had prophesied how everything will turn out for the governor.


The first time he spoke about his second term ambition was in December 2020 when he said God has revealed to him that Governor Sanwoolu is the chosen one to take Lagos state to the next level. He stated then that the APC leaders should allow him have a second term for the betterment of Lagos state.

These were his words


‘’ The Lord said to me that the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu should be allowed to have a second term by the leadership of the APC.The Lord wants to do a new thing in Lagos and Governor Sanwo-Olu will be the one to be used.’’ (


Later in September 2021, Primate Ayodele spoke again and said the second term crisis of Governor Sanwoolu will begin. He warned him to forget about politics and immediately restrategize to have a second term.


These were his words


“Sanwoolu second term crisis will begin, he should forget politics now and strategize, some forces are waiting to rain nemesis on him’’ (


One of the strategies governor Sanwoolu has employed is his unending support for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidential ambition. Some news outlets even reported yesterday that Tinubu’s presidential ambition is responsible for Governor Sanwoolu’s second term endorsement.


Again, in January 2022, Primate Ayodele revealed that the muslims will not take it easy with Governor Sanwoolu in 2023, noting that they will fight to ensure the ticket gets to a muslim.


These were his words


‘’I see a crisis between the Muslims and Christians in 2023. The Muslims will not take it easy, they will fight and make sure they get the ticket in 2023,” (


As he prophesied, the argument on muslims getting the ticket has started already, it was reported on some news outlets, fulfilling Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.


The whole development had been foretold by Primate Ayodele months before they started playing out, confirming that indeed Primate Ayodele is a true man of God who sees ahead of time.

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Primate Ayodele Gives Out Five Cars, Buses, Tricycles, Others To Celebrate Birthday



The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has given out five cars, five tricycles, five buses and more than N25 Million naira empowerment package to journalists, widows, needy, students to celebrate his birthday.

The massive event which was held yesterday Tuesday, 14th Of February 2023 at his Lagos church was also to mark the end of the prophet’s 17-day appreciation and philanthropic activities which started on Sunday, 29th Of January 2023.


The event had in attendance the president of the Nigeria football federation (NFF), Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau who declared the event opened, the chairman of the National drug and law enforcement agency (NDLEA), General Marwa, popular gospel musician, Yinka Alaseyori who serenade the crowd with her angelic melody, comedian Ayo Ajewole AKA Woli Agba who had the audience filled with laughter, popular nollywood actors and actresses, to mention a few.

Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau, while declaring the event open described Primate Ayodele as a true friend who has shown support for the football federation. He explained the circumstances that led to his meeting with the man of God, stating that Primate Ayodele played a huge role in his emergence as the NFF president.


‘’One journalist sent me a video of Primate Ayodele during a press conference speaking about the election in NFF. He mentioned some of the contestants and said finally to him, the person that will become the president is Ibrahim Gusau. The journalist was surprised because I am not a Christian and didn’t know the prophet as I don’t even stay in Lagos. Consistently, he stood on his word whenever he gives prophecies concerning football and to God be the glory, the election came and I won. I felt I should find time to appreciate the man of God for his support. He visited me in Abuja, we spoke and ate together so there is no way he will have an occasion like this and I will not be there, it means I don’t appreciate God. We will continually ask for your prayers and will not disappoint you.’’


Also, the NDLEA chairman, General Buba Marwa who sent a representative expressed his surprise at the many gifts shared by Primate Ayodele while noting that the man of God will be the first to show practical love on Valentine’s Day despite the scarcity crisis in the country. He therefore asked the man of God to organize programmes that will allow the NDLEA support.


‘’General Buba Marwa is very interested in working with you and he has asked me to say it publicly that you should set a motion, programmes that will make the NDLEA join you. This programme on a day like this when everyone is showing love especially at a time like this when there is scarcity, we need to appreciate Primate Ayodele for showing practical love, I have been hearing happy valentine’s day since morning but this is the first practical one I am seeing.’’


The height of the event was when three church members and two journalists including an editor with The Sun Newspaper and the prophet’s media aide, Osho Oluwatosin were called out for a car gift.


One of the recipients who is the youth president of the church, Monday Sunday couldn’t hold back tears from his eyes when Primate Ayodele called his name. The man of God mentioned that he has been dedicated to the church’s service and has given his best whenever it is necessary.


Also, the two accountants of the church who were recipients couldn’t hide his joy when Primate Ayodele announced their names. The prophet who rewards good deeds appreciated them for being transparent and trustworthy over the years.


The media aide, Osho Oluwatosin obviously didn’t expect to receive a car gift from the prophet. He was visibly shaking when he was called upon to receive his car gift from Primate Ayodele.


Also, other dedicated church members were given tricycles and mini-buses for their support to the church.


Apart from these, a cheque of N200,000 was presented each to 11 journalists to empower them for supporting the man of God over the years. Primate Ayodele in his philanthropic attitude promised to pay the sum of N350,000 for one of the empowered journalists who has issues with his sight.


Furthermore, the widows and less privileged were not forgotten in the largesse. Several of them were given food items, accommodation fee, grinding machines, home appliances, to mention but a few.


The youths were also not left out as about 23 students were given scholarships to study in tertiary institutions. To show his generosity further, the man of God presented cheques to some churches to purchase landed properties.


In recognition and appreciation of his impact in the society, the Theatre arts and motion pictures practitioners (TAMPAN) led by famous Nollywood actor, Owolabi Ajasa made Primate Ayodele their grand patron and spiritual father.


It is worthy of note that Primate Ayodele has always done massive empowerment to celebrate his birthdays on every 14th of February. In previous years, journalists and church members have been given cars, tricycles, scholarships, to mention a few.

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Celebrating Primate Elijah Ayodele: The Prophet I Am Close To From Afar



I have never met him, never spoken to him in any way but my relationship with Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church is really intimate.


You may be wondering how it is possible to be close to someone you haven’t met or someone who doesn’t even know you, it all depends on what the person does and the value such person adds to your life and beliefs.


I gave up on prophets in 2017 due to the bad eggs in the ministry. I have seen self-acclaimed prophets in my country making prophetic declarations about some subjects and changing it later on due to the circumstances on ground during the period. Some of them would predict the winner of an election only to change it a few hours to the election after seeing the direction of things. I used to follow them but withdrew my attention because I realized they were just looking for attention.


I first read about Primate Elijah Ayodele in 2018 when Nigeria was preparing for a presidential election slated for 2019. We read so much about Nigeria in our country and there was never a day I won’t see the prophecy of Primate Ayodele. He accurately prophesied the winner of the election and went ahead to reveal what will happen in his administration; something I have never experienced in Zambia all my life. How can you name the winner of an election that has not been held and still reveal what will happen in his administration? It’s strange.


This called my attention to the man of God and I started listening to him more, although it wasn’t like I believed him then, I just wanted to see the result of his prophecy just to clear my doubts. The election came and President Muhammadu Buhari emerged in 2019. Since 2019 till now, I don’t think there is anything Primate Ayodele said Buhari will experience in his administration that has not happened. The man of God talked about increase in kidnapping, economic hardship, increase in prices of commodities, increase in crime rate and many others; they have all happened.


Apart from speaking about his country alone, another fascinating thing about Primate Ayodele is his prophecies concerning every country in the world. I have never seen this man in any country or with any president so I wonder how he gets information about these countries. This is definitely not a product of flesh and blood but divinity.


Ever since 2018, I have been following Primate Ayodele so much on the internet, I must give special kudos to the media team of his church because they always intimate me unconsciously about his activities, it’s a really rare opportunity. I read a few weeks back that he embarked on a 17-day appreciation and philanthropic programme which I have been following since the start. He has been to schools, police stations, visited the aged and sick in their houses, given financial support to church members to cushion the effect of the hardship in Nigeria.


Sincerely, the only prophets that can be compared to Primate Ayodele are the prophets of old; the ones we read about in the holy bible. The likes of Prophet Elijah, Prophet Elisha, Prophet Moses, Prophet Isiah, Prophet Ezekiel and many others. They were prophets who stood as watchmen for nations just as Primate Ayodele has been acting since the inception of his prophetic ministry. He is not an ‘albacradabra’ prophet that performs magic, He is a true prophet inside-out.


I learnt his birthday is tomorrow Tuesday, 14th Of February, 2023 and surely, I may not be able to forgive myself if I don’t celebrate Primate Elijah Ayodele whose prophetic ministry stands out among others.



Lungu Zulu writes from Zambia

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