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Within the Country”s Entertainment scene, one of the finest photographers making waves right now is TIMMA_S.O.S led by a young, promising and talented lad, Yemi Lapite. His multimillion naira studio tucked at 3,Abimbola close near the popular WAEC office in Yaba, Lagos is a beehive of activities 24/7. TIMMA_S.O.S clientele includes the high society, top Entertainers and high networth people not only in Lagos where he is based but all over the country. He is the go-to man for many celebs currently. In this Interview with Celebrityplusonline, Lapite tells the full story of how a simple passion of his is paying the bills and made him one of Nigeria’s most sought-after Photographers.



How do you connect with difficult clients?
Hmmmmm, well you will never go wrong with having a lot of patience with your clients and I make sure I always please them in every way possible. I also try to make them see reason with me.

What do you like about being a photographer?
There’s a lot to be happy about because photography has taken me places and met with people I wouldn’t have imagined coming close to, but through my craft I have been able to at least experience that.

Why did you choose to pursue a career as a photographer?
Right from my early ages I have always been fascinated with Artistic stuffs and photography is a work of ART although it took me time to figure that out but I did eventually.Then I had to go for it with my full attention and here we are.

Did you go to school to study photography
Well, I never did, its more like passion turned venture for me.

What inspired you?

Not what anyone would think. Smart phones camera did, always wondered how smart phones camera became so advanced in quality then I thought about what I could do with a pro DSLR camera

Which is your favourite lens?

70-200mm Canon

What does photography mean to you?

Means everything to me …like my life depends on it.

What is the most rewarding part of being a photographer for you?

Freedom ,I would say, money is not the ultimate drive.


What do you like most about being a photographer?
The fact I help my clients create timeless and memorable moments.

What is the most difficult part of being a photographer for you?
Having to edit jobs overnight and not having time for yourself most times.

How long have you been a photographer?

Professionally 5 years

How would you describe your photography style?

Sexy and wild

What type of cameras do you shoot with?

Canon 6D mark ii

How do you educate yourself to take better photos?
I watch videos and visit professional photographers page locally and internationally for more knowledge and to train my eyes to see more than what it usually sees.

What kind of tools do you use for post processing?

Adobe photoshop 2021, Lightroom 2020, Capture one.

Among the celebrities you’ve worked for, which is your favorite?

Hmmmm… I would say VENITA because she’s a loving personality to shoot with.she is also a perfectionist with an eye for detail.

Whose work has influenced you the most?

Prince Meyson is a great beauty photographer which I believe has influenced a lot of photographers the world over including me.

What makes a good picture stand out from the average?

Paying attention to details and ability to be able to experiment with your lights but most especially expressing yourself.

What are your career goals?

To be very consistent in putting out more outstanding Images that’ll be recognized Internationally and getting overbooked…(laughs).

How do you respond to a client that was unhappy about your work?

I listen very carefully to the complaints and apologize. if the mistake is correctable, then I do it with a free re appointment.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

God’s willing,to have expanded beyond my comprehension by having more photo studios in Nigeria and winning awards Internationally.


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Why I Am Creating More Millionaires Through HOMEWIN Sujimoto boss, Sijibomi Ogundele, On His New Project



The likes of Sijibomi Ogundele,CEO,GMD, Sujimoto Group of Companies seldom come easy in Nigeria’s highly unpredictable Real Estate terrain. This is because Suji…as fondly called by friends, not only dreams big, whatever he touches also turns gold.Ask even the big names in Nigeria’s Real Estate sector and they’ll readily tell you the guy is completely in a world of his own. Say what you like,there are those with the narrative that Sujimoto leads,others simply follow. Recently,the suave entrepreneur took to the streets of Lagos for the Launch of his new initiative ,HOMEWIN and he chose Oke-Arin,the epicenter of Nigeria’s biggest Retail market as a strategic location, using it’s commercial environs as a bedrock to declare war on poverty and raise the common man. Ogundele says HOMEWIN can be regarded as the ‘stock market ‘of the common man. Sujimoto”s newest project has been adjudged to be Nigeria’s biggest giveaway promo.With just N500,you can win amazing prizes ranging from a home worth N50 million.Other prizes include 2 brand new cars, salary4life (💯 k for 10 years)to immense daily cash prizes.A total sum of 100million will be won in 100 days. HOMEWIN is expected to produce over 11,000 winners in a hundred days. In this interview with Celebrityplusnonline, Ogundele talks about HOMEWIN , presently adjudged as the fastest cashout route for many.He also touched on the idea behind his much-hyped Luxury living projects and his will to make more Nigerians Millionaires within a hundred days…Enjoy it

Q1: Promos here and there with almost the same template, honestly, Nigerians want something new…what makes HOMEWIN different from the pack?


Homewin is more than a promo, it is a strategic empowerment initiative, powered by Sujimoto, to get over 11,000 Nigerians out of Poverty – the biggest intervention ever!


Homewin is very personal to me because in December 2020 while distributing Christmas Hampers on the streets of Lagos, I bumped into a pregnant lady hawking her wares around Maryland bus stop with a very big stomach. The total value of her merchandise should be below N3000 and I thought no matter how much profit she made, it would never get her out of poverty, I decided to support her and give her child a lifetime scholarship, however and very unfortunately, she lost the child. This inspired me to create an avenue to impact the lives of every Nigerian and give them an equal opportunity to be part of a promo that can get them out of poverty with as little as N500. This was how HOMEWIN was born.The idea is to give every Nigerian the opportunity to move out of the cycle of poverty by converting their N500 into a home worth 50 million naira and win lots of cash prizes daily within a 100 days. It is not profit driven, but an avenue to drive our generosity movement and touch more lives.


Q2: Who can play?

Anyone can play. HOMEWIN cuts across all strata and classes,Bankers, Street Hawkers, Businessmen, Market women, Lawyers, Doctors, Mechanics, Housewives, Vulcanizer, students, everyone is playing and winning already.

Q3: You had the Launch recently in the heart of Lagos Island, Oke-Arin,why did you choose such location and what has been the reaction of People to HOMEWIN?


It was very important for me to launch HOMEWIN in the marketplace where I grew up and the place I call home. I was super excited to see that the first lady that gave us her space to use for HOMEWIN was the first person to win 50,000 at the launch. That for me was a success.Nigerians love HOMEWIN and the reception has been mind-blowing as more people are playing, exceeding our expectations, to the point where we had to increase our daily wins at different times to accommodate more winners.


Q4: How swift do winners redeem their cash out?


We don’t joke with payment.In less than 24 hours, as soon as the daily draw is concluded, all Winners are notified via SMS of their winnings and credited immediately.


Q5: How can someone interested in being an Agent of HOMEWIN go about it?


Becoming an agent on the HOMEWIN platform is another way to make steady income and earn millions monthly. As an agent with HOMEWIN, you decide what you want to earn weekly and monthly.If you want to go home with a million naira every month, it is up to you. The more people that play with you, the more you earn in commission and there are no limit when it comes to how much you can earn. Visit to learn how to become an Agent.


Q6: Why are you being generous?


For us as a brand, generosity is not a CSR initiative or a competition, it is a lifestyle. I believe that when your neighbour is hungry, your chicken is not safe and this is one of the reasons we started the generosity movement through HOMEWIN, to be able to empower a lot of Nigerians within the space of a 100 days.


Q7: Can anyone interested in co-investing in HOMEWIN come in?


Why not? Anyone who has 1 Billion naira or more to invest can come on board.


Q8: What do you expect this project to do for the SUJIMOTO brand?


For us at Sujimoto,giving back to the society is imprinted in our DNA and it is fundamental to the brand’s philosophy. You can’t be a customer-centric brand and not be generous, neither can you create record breaking projects like the *Giuliano* , *Lucrezia* and the *Leonardo* without focusing on the comfort of your clients.

HOMEWIN is a Sujimoto CSR initiative. It is one way Sujimoto is empowering Nigerians and transforming their lives financially. At the end of 100 days, we want Nigerians to be able to say, because of Sujimoto, I am now a millionaire and can now live my best life.

Q9 Can you shed light on all the Luxury projects by SUJIMOTO ongoing right now and how investors/buyers can tap in.?


Top on the list is the *LuceziaBySujimoto* . This is not your regular tower; it is customized to reflect the personal taste and lifestyle of the *Lucrezia* *de* *Medici* , the 16th century sophisticated royalty who embodied an exclusive and glamorous lifestyle. It is located in Africa’s richest neighborhood, Banana Island and the 15-floor tower is unarguably the most sophisticated residential building in Africa. Currently at the finishing stages, the *Lucrezia* , a product of delicate engineering, masterfully designed with premium and unrivalled amenities, is a building of so many FIRSTS in Africa! First building in Nigeria with a Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) facade, home to Africa’s 1st interactive lobby, first Virtual Golf Bar with over 2500 courses; first building with an International SPA for the residents; first building with Zaha Hadid sanitary wares and Kohler Kitchen, first building with an IMAX cinema for an immersive experience; first building with Electric Car Charging Stations and now the first building with a Crestron Automation where you can easily command, monitor and adjust your lights, shades, thermostats, door locks, entertainment and even your pool and spa from just one App.


The next is the *LeonardoBySujimoto* , a Waterfront high-rise development inspired by the exceptional works and genius of one of the world’s most iconic minds of the 16th century – *Leonardo* *Da* *Vinci* . The *Leonardo* will come with unrivalled features and top of the range facilities such as IMAX Cinema, Indoor Virtual Golf where you can play on over 2500 golf courses in the world, Crèche for children – first of its kind, Award Winning Zaha Hadid Bathroom, designer Kitchen by Kohler, Interactive Lobby, Full Home Automation, Indoor salon, Club House, Mini-Mart, Restaurant, Tennis Court, State of the Art Techno gym, Infinity Swimming Pool, Squash, Badminton and many more exclusive features, making it compete beyond the shores of Africa.


We also have the *Sujimoto* *twin* *tower* , a 44 storey building in Victoria Island, The *Jumeriah* , a 33 storey building in Central Business District, Abuja, *Mr* . *Meat* , *Suji* *Water* and many other projects.



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“Why I haven’t collaborated with any  Naija Artiste”-US based Afropop star BBO2



American based Naija Afropop star, BBO2 is not your run off the mill musician.This is because he understands the business side of entertainment totally.The multi talented artiste who has spent the better part of his life in the United States follows Nigeria music with passion and knows about it deeply.In this interview with Celebrityplus online,Ballistic 02,as he’s fondly called revealed why he’s not done collaborations with some of our big Artistes down here despite being one of Africa”s finest Afropop imports to Yankee.
You call your kind of music gidlida gidlido, what does that mean?
It’s a mix of hip hop and afro eat.Its all about litness and vibes on Lamba
What is new for you right now?
I have more than 3 singles being released now in the market and am getting positive vibes from listeners.
Any collaboration yet?
I have been very  skeptical about collaborating with folks for one reason or another, especially due to man made bottle neck situation, that revolves around complicated inevitable business terms and understanding from Western angle/practices/perspective or connotation but thats about to change.
How do you mean?
Thats why and what am here for. We have got something major in the works thats about to blow minds across the globe, and please,  I am now open and welcoming of the right collaboration (from sweet intent kindred spirits biz mindset) sources that will impact our economies globally, from building up better human infrastructure to improving the per capital GDP of our country then the dollar market will definitely bounce something back to our economy/commerce for the better improved GDP of our folks globally;we need less words but actions with good mean results.
Why don’t you come back home like some of your colleagues to test the water?
Home is the best and we’ve invested the most millions into the business out here and for no selfish interest  but to garner the appropriate momentum that we all can bring to the Western community and begin to positively change the African narrative as we know it and bring about the right true lights, and legendary identity that we all will and can be proud of to embrace on the world stage and bring to bear for our better standing all over the world. Having studied the industry from an America perspective, its not only about getting the recognition though but more like knowing the right and most viable thing to do with it when, how and where (right time, place etc); meaning using this current brewing recognition/momentum to best benefit our entertainment industry sector home and overseas.
Are you planning to be a yankee based artiste or you will come back home to fight for your place?
To be both cos I have always been  anyway.Am known here and there somewhat but now expanding that horizon to such massive extent that we can capitalize on for the general benefits of the Afrobeat genre not only in Nigeria but worldwide. Which is why I am able to see things from a better business point of view and approach applicable business negotiations and otherwise robustly from both side of the Atlantic ocean and apply the right wisdom that will profit our industry and put us in the right place wherein we can best access opportunities that will put Nigerian (Africa/blacks) artists in the right places and be able to fairly compete with our counterparts across the globe in the current scheme of things; even more so in vying for more, and winning more foreign monies/profits to our side.

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