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A Lagos based human right lawyer,Chief Malcom Emokiniovo Omirohobo,has dragged the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police, before a Federal high court in Lagos, south west Nigeria over the approval of using Hijab scarf by Police women under their caps.

Join as co-defenders are, Government of Federal Republic of Nigeria,and The Attorney General of the Federation.

In a 60 paragraphs affidavit in support of the originating summons sworn to by Chief Malcom Omirhobo himself, he averred that as a Nigerian Citizen it is his civic obligation and responsibility to defend the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at all times

That as a Nigerian citizen, he owe his allegiance to his country Nigeria and his country’s Constitution.

He is a stake holder of the Nigerian project and a co-owner of the Nigerian commonwealth.
As a result of the above, he is familiar with the facts of this case.

He pays his taxes, Value Added Tax inclusive other levies imposed on Nigerian citizens by the Attorney General of the Federation
He is bringing this public interest case for the interest of the Nigerian Public especially for the poor, weak, illiterates, uninformed, defenseless and vulnerable ones therein.

The Inspector General of Nigerian Police is the Head of the Nigerian Police Force whose responsibility is to maintain law and order in Nigeria .
The Nigerian Police force is a creation of the Nigerian Constitution and funded with the Nigerian Tax Payers money and the common
wealth of the Nigerian citizens to serve and protect the interest of all Nigerians of different tribes, religions , languages and cultures.
The Nigerian police is a public institution and a national agency portraying the image of Nigeria .

The Nigerian police is a part of or an agency of the Nigerian executive arm of government for the enforcement of law and maintenance of law and order.
The Inspector General of Police being the head of the Nigerian police is subject to judicial review of this Honourable Court .

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is both a multi-ethnic and religious State inhabited by over 200 million Citizens of over 500 ethnic groups who speak over 400 different languages and identified with diverse cultures. Apart from Islam and Christianity being the dominant religions in Nigerian, Nigerians practice other religions such as indigenous religion , African Traditionalists, Buddhist, Judaism, Daoism, Baha’i, Confucianism, Druze, Gnosticism,
Jainism, Rastafarianism, Shinto, Skihism, Zoroastrianism, Eckist, Armocs, grail message, Voodism etc,there are also Atheists in Nigeria .
Nigeria became an independent nation in 1960 and at the point of her independence its founding fathers agreed that the country will be a secular country.
By virtue of the Nigerian 1999 constitution (As Amended), Nigeria is a secular State without any officially recognized religion. The Nigerian police comprises of Nigerian Citizens of different religious beliefs.Nigerian police do not have any official religion,as the Nigerian police is a public institution and not a private organization .

That the equipping, maintaining and funding of the Nigerian police for effectiveness in performing her statutory and constitutional responsibilities is covered by the Nigerian 1999 Constitution .

However the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police with the tacit support of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Attorney General of the Federation approved new dress code for female Muslim personnel which permits them to wear stud earrings and Hijab headscarf under their berets or peak caps as the case may be while in uniform.
The new dress code was unveiled at the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police meeting with Strategic Police Managers on 3rd of March,2022.
The Inspector General of the Nigerian Police has ordered the immediate distribution of uniforms,kits and other accoutrements to it’s Muslim female officers across the country. The defendants are producing or procuring Hijab with public funds/tax player’s money.
Hijab is a traditional scarf worn by Muslim women to cover the hair and neck and sometimes the face. Hijab is a dress code for Moslem women World wide and is associated with Islam and is also synonymous with Islam.

Hijab is an Islamic concept of modesty privacy and has no bearing with the performance of our Police Muslim women in the discharge of their statutory duties and responsibilities.

The Nigerian Police Personal as ambassadors of Nigeria goes on international engagements such as peace keeping mission all over the world.
The wearing of Hijab by the Nigerian Police,gives the world impression that Nigeria is an Islamic country.

That by the Nigerian constitution the Attorney General of the Federation or any State Government and by extension any of Its agencies or States in Nigeria shall not adopt any religion as State religion
By virtue of section 10 of the Nigerian 1999 Constitution Nigeria is a secular state.
Nigeria is not an Islamic State.

By the Nigerian Constitution no Nigerian citizen of a particular community, ethnic group, place of origin
sex, religion or political opinions shall be discriminated upon.
The approved new dress code of allowing Muslim female Nigeria police officers to use Hijab as part of their official uniform is discriminatory to other Nigerian police female Police officers of other religious faiths and beliefs

That the use of hijab is a breach of Section 10 and 42(1)(a)(b) of the Nigerian 1999 constitution ( As Amended) .

That the religion of police officers is a private and personal matter to them and not of public concern.
By virtue of Section 10 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Defendants and the Nigerian police are to be neutral in religious matters.
The 1999 constitution of Nigeria is the supreme law of Nigeria and has binding effect on all the Defendants and members of the Nigerian police force.
This action is for this Honourable Court to interpret Sections 1 (1), 10, 42(1)(a)(b) and 214 of the Nigerian 1999 Constitution (As Amended) and give judicial pronouncement and/or decision on the propriety of the Defendants’ approving, producing , issuing and distributing Hijab to female Muslim police officers as part of their official dress code.
Unless the Defendants are restrained by this Honourable Court they will continue to violate the constitution of Nigeria and the status of Nigeria as a secular State will continue to be under played and undermine. In no distant time the Army , Navy , Air Force and other para military organizations like the Customs , Correctional Center, Immigration, Civil Defence, Road Safety Corps will join and in the use of Hijab for their Muslim female officers as dress code and thereby polarizing our entire security public officers on religious line .
The Honourable Court has the jurisdiction to entertain public interest litigation for the benefit of the Nigerian Public, the Defendants will not be prejudiced if this application is granted and it will be in the overall interest of justice that this application is granted
Consequently, Chief Malcom Omirhobo is seeking the following reliefs from the court

A declaration of the court that by the true interpretation and/or construction of Section 10 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (As Amended) it is improper , illegal , unlawful and unconstitutional for the IGP with the tacit support of the Federal Government and the Attorney General of the Federation to use public funds to approve, produce and/or procure, issue and distribute to
Nigerian female police officers throughout Nigeria Hijab for use as part of their official dress code while on duty?

A declaration of this court that the defendants approval of Hijab as part of the official dress code for Nigerian Police officers amounts to the adoption of Islam as state religion in Nigeria and therefore a flagrant violation of Section 10 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ( as amended)

A declaration of the court that true interpretation and/or construction of Section 42(1)(a)(b)of 1999 Constitution (As the Amended) the defendants approval of the use of Hijab as part of the official dress code for Nigerian female of Muslim police officers with public funds without approving dress code for other Nigerian female police officers of other religion is discriminatory and therefore illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional.

A declaration of the court that by virtue of Section 10 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (As Amended) Nigeria is a secular State .

An order of the court annulling and /or cancelling the use of Hijab as part of the official dress code for female Muslim Nigerian police officers for being at variance and inconsistent with the provisions of Sections 1(1)(3), 10 , 42(1)(a)(b) and 214 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (As Amended) and therefore improper , illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional.
An order of the court restraining the defendants from further violating the provisions 1(1)(3), 10 , 42(1)(a)(b) and 214 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (As Amended), through their act of permitting the use of Hijab as part of the official dress code for Nigerian female Muslim police officers .

7. An order of the court compelling the defendants to stop forthwith the production,issuance, distribution and use of Hijab as part of the official dress code for Nigerian female Muslim.

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“I Killed Him And Used His Blood To Make Money Rituals (Oshole) for Yahoo Boys” – 22-year Old Ritual Killer Confesses



A 22 year old suspected ritual killer, Idowu Talabi from Ikenne-Remo has been arrested by the Ogun State police command for killing a tenant, Tobi Yisua, who lives in his maternal grandfather’s house.


During interrogation by a reporter of Alaroye, a dedicated Yoruba news platform, Idowu Talabi confessed to committing the crime.


He said, “he (Tobi Yisua) is a lotto operator (Baba Ijebu). Whenever he keeps money at home and they steal the money, he will accuse me of stealing his money.


One day, he was sleeping on the bed in his room, he did not lock the door, he only locked the net outside. When I wanted to enter, I used knife to cut the net and I unlocked it.


When I entered his room, I saw him sleeping naked on the bed lying face down and I landed the cutlass I was holding at the back this neck. When I saw that he was trying make noise, I used pillow to cover his mouth and used the cutlass on him again.


After killing him, I took part of his blood and mixed it to prepare “Osole”, money ritual charm. I made the charm to sell it to customers who will be interested in it, I did not do it for myself.”


Asked how he knew how to make the charm? He said he saw it in his father’s account.


On how he was exposed? he said, “the second day, when the wife of the deceased came from church, she found the dead body of her husband on the bed. She then came to me in the backyard, locked my shirt and accused me of killing her husband. When I got to the police station, I confessed to the police that I was the one that killed her husband.”

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BUA Group Threatens To Sue GREENVILLE LNG Gas Company – For Breach Of Multimillion Dollar Contract



Two years after it was slammed with a $9m claim for breaching contract by a US Court, Greenville LNG company is on the brink of another lawsuit in its supply dealings with Nigerian-based manufacturing giant, BUA Group.


Owned by Eddy Van Den Broeke , a Belgian cement magnate, *Greenville* is the pioneer Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production and distribution company in Nigeria with three liquefaction trains and a total capacity to produce 2250 MT of LNG per day.


The company, which was incorporated in 2013, prides itself for producing and marketing Liquefied Natural Gas to customers across Nigeria since April 2019.


It should be noted that the company is a Nigerian subsidiary of the International Engineering & Construction (IEC), a Luxembourg-based construction company.


However, in 2018, there were reports of how *Broeke* was struggling to get his LNG project off the ground in Nigeria and also facing a $9m claim from his subcontractor Baker Hughes.


How it started


In 2014, IEC through Greenville LNG entered into an agreement with Baker Hughes Energy Services LLC, formerly known as GE Oil & Gas (GEOG), for the purchase and installation of two small-scale liquified natural gas plants in Rumuji, Rivers State, Nigeria.


According to the documents obtained by POLITICS NIGERIA, GEOG agreed to supply IEC with two small-scale liquified natural gas production plants — the first by June 24, 2015, and the second by September 24, 2015— for use at the Rumuji Site.


In exchange, IEC agreed to pay GEOG $95 million. Both parties also agreed on a payment schedule, which would require IEC to pay various percentages of the $95 million at specific milestones.


It was stated that the agreement would be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New York.


Unfortunately, GEOG failed to deliver the gas plants by their contractual delivery deadlines and this stalled installation, commissioning, and start-up of the Plants.




On July 31, 2018, IEC filed a Notice of Demand for and Commencement of Arbitration under the Contracts on behalf of itself and Greenville.


IEC initially sought approximately $75 million in damages but its demand increased to $700 million by the end of the arbitration.


The $700m claims included the liquidated damages for delayed delivery and damages associated with the delayed entry into operation of the gas plants.


But GEOG also filed counterclaims against IEC for breach of the contracts, asking for damages up to $40.1 million.


In 2020, the American Tribunal gave its verdict, ordering IEC and Greenville to pay GEOG over $9.5m for breaching contracts.


The Tribunal held that IEC had breached the Equipment Contract by failing to make two Milestone payments.


Dissatisfied with the judgement, On January 27, 2021, IEC filed a petition to vacate the Award in New York state court but the court rejected IEC’s arguments.


“In short, due to the strong deference owed to the decisions of arbitrators, the Court is compelled to reject IEC’s arguments and confirm the Award,” the court ruled.


*Poor Ethics/Underhand Business Practices*


It is believed that the posture of the company and record of breaching contract is owing to its owner’s secretive and shady business activities. Prior to setting up Greenville, Eddy Van Den Broeke ran ASCA bitumen from 1996 and grew the company into becoming a giant monopoly with over 90% of the Nigerian market by 2015.


Through this position, he was famed to hold everyone to ransom through alleged arbitrary price increases, artificial scarcity, amongst others. Eddy Broeke’s families were one of six of Belgium’s wealthiest families that featured on the Panama Papers, a cross-border investigation that revealed a list of thousands of people who channelled funds to tax havens.


“The family of *Eddy* *Van* *Den* *Broeke* , who turned the Eres company into an international player, is also mentioned. Eddy Van Den Broeke is identified as the sole beneficiary of at least five offshore companies in the BVI,” the ICIJ report read.


Eddy was named in the Panama Papers having had an extensive network of shell companies to hide his funds and avoid government oversight.


*Another multi-million dollar breach of contract suit looming*


Our investigations also revealed that recently, BUA, which is one of Greenville’s largest clients, is set to sue Greenville for 50 billion Naira for a possible breach in contract and reneging on its obligation to supply gas to its businesses in the far north.


According to sources, this dispute is as a result of Greenville LNG reneging on their contract with BUA to supply gas and also increasing prices arbitrarily despite the contractually agreed oil-indexed pricing for any changes in price.


Industry watchers1 have claimed that Greenville is trying to take advantage of its near monopoly in the domestic trucked LNG market hence their habit of entering into contracts and reneging on it after starting.


With Eddy and his companies’ history of reneging on contracts entered into with the Federal Government, partners, suppliers, communities and clients, it is unlikely that Greenville LNG or its billionaire owner *Eddy* and Managing Director , *Ritu* *Sahajwalla* would stop such behaviour anytime soon.


Experts familiar with BUA’s history of ensuring its rights are enforced, believe BUA will pursue this issue to a logical conclusion at the courts and till their rights are enforced.

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