“Why I haven’t collaborated with any  Naija Artiste”-US based Afropop star BBO2



American based Naija Afropop star, BBO2 is not your run off the mill musician.This is because he understands the business side of entertainment totally.The multi talented artiste who has spent the better part of his life in the United States follows Nigeria music with passion and knows about it deeply.In this interview with Celebrityplus online,Ballistic 02,as he’s fondly called revealed why he’s not done collaborations with some of our big Artistes down here despite being one of Africa”s finest Afropop imports to Yankee.
You call your kind of music gidlida gidlido, what does that mean?
It’s a mix of hip hop and afro eat.Its all about litness and vibes on Lamba
What is new for you right now?
I have more than 3 singles being released now in the market and am getting positive vibes from listeners.
Any collaboration yet?
I have been very  skeptical about collaborating with folks for one reason or another, especially due to man made bottle neck situation, that revolves around complicated inevitable business terms and understanding from Western angle/practices/perspective or connotation but thats about to change.
How do you mean?
Thats why and what am here for. We have got something major in the works thats about to blow minds across the globe, and please,  I am now open and welcoming of the right collaboration (from sweet intent kindred spirits biz mindset) sources that will impact our economies globally, from building up better human infrastructure to improving the per capital GDP of our country then the dollar market will definitely bounce something back to our economy/commerce for the better improved GDP of our folks globally;we need less words but actions with good mean results.
Why don’t you come back home like some of your colleagues to test the water?
Home is the best and we’ve invested the most millions into the business out here and for no selfish interest  but to garner the appropriate momentum that we all can bring to the Western community and begin to positively change the African narrative as we know it and bring about the right true lights, and legendary identity that we all will and can be proud of to embrace on the world stage and bring to bear for our better standing all over the world. Having studied the industry from an America perspective, its not only about getting the recognition though but more like knowing the right and most viable thing to do with it when, how and where (right time, place etc); meaning using this current brewing recognition/momentum to best benefit our entertainment industry sector home and overseas.
Are you planning to be a yankee based artiste or you will come back home to fight for your place?
To be both cos I have always been  anyway.Am known here and there somewhat but now expanding that horizon to such massive extent that we can capitalize on for the general benefits of the Afrobeat genre not only in Nigeria but worldwide. Which is why I am able to see things from a better business point of view and approach applicable business negotiations and otherwise robustly from both side of the Atlantic ocean and apply the right wisdom that will profit our industry and put us in the right place wherein we can best access opportunities that will put Nigerian (Africa/blacks) artists in the right places and be able to fairly compete with our counterparts across the globe in the current scheme of things; even more so in vying for more, and winning more foreign monies/profits to our side.

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