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The Nigerian political space has gained more vitality since Governor Yahaya Bello received a push from the large number of Nigerian youths to run for Presidency come 2023. We have seen Governor Yahaya Bello trend on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platform and there is no sign that he is going to stop trending. The supporters intensify their support and the pundits are making their shots too.


The real “Audacity of Hope” is made manifest in the possibility of Governor Yahaya Bello becoming the Nigerian President. This is on the background that, firstly, he is from the North Central political region, a region unceremoniously neglected during Nigeria’s democratic dispensation, yet contribute so much to the progress of democracy in Nigeria. Secondly, he represents the Nigerian youth who dare to dream to become Nigerian President and the Nigerian youths are often regarded in Nigerian political permutation as instrument for political violence and thuggery and lastly, he is not a conventional or mainstream politician; Nigerian conventional politician believe that the office of the President is for display of grandeur and not that of responsibility.


It therefore becomes a rare “Audacity of Hope” to change the political status quo in Nigeria and almost unthinkable to dream of being a Nigerian President if you are not from one of the three “major ethnic” groups in Nigeria. This is one of the political storms that must be weathered by Governor Yahaya Bello and he is doing that pretty well.


The truth about Governor Yahaya Bello’s quest to Presidency is not about his person trying to grab power for aggrandizement but about the Nigerian youths being at the helm of affairs of our national politics and governance. It is about giving the Nigerian youths the chance to lead the country they call their own and it is about restoring the dignity of our nation. So, suggesting otherwise in a time like this, is to be politically insensitive, callous and treacherous.




More than 20% of the Nigerian States borders have relative peace and security today because we have a leader in Governor Yahaya Bello who understands the primary responsibility of a government and he is executing same without any slack and he stands out and ready to restore what the country have lost and to make every Nigerian to be proud of the country.


If Nigeria is ready to be turned around for good and be among the comity of prosperous Nations, then, Nigeria should not shy away from the credible potential of Governor Yahaya Bello and this is the truth about “Bello’s Presidency”, the sooner we realize this, the better.


Written by


Barr. Shadrach Emmanuel, FICMC.

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Nothing Honorable in a man full of vile conducts. Chief. Ralphs Okey Nwosu National Chairman ADC reacts to decamping of Hon Peter Makinde of Ondo state




On the purported decamping of Hon Peter Makinde of Ondo state, no better answer than with the rhymes meant for persons without gratitude in their soul.

Of him, this day and the scene at the floor of the House of Representatives, I can only think of a vulture dance in the odium of carcass of own ilk.


A haughty ungrateful man, like a Trojan or a desperate pirate of old, ain’t a character worth the esteemed time of patriots in a rescue mission that exemplify the ADC DNA. 


The human without character is less than a dog. Certainly, the vices and grandiloquence will receive a compensation in not a distance time.

Ingratitude, ungratefulness is a curse, a social malady with all the viles.


Too much Greed in the soul of they who desecrates the chambers of honor with lies, misinformation and filthy gambits. These characters are misfits for public service and this includes the spiteful speaker who presides over cadavers not worthy of the public good.


There is nothing honorable in men full of vile, so the scandal is of both men; the disingenuous speaker and his ungrateful minion. Hardened hearts and incorrigible, filthy, and haughty souls do not belong to the assembly of worthy men and patriots.

It appears the National assembly has become home for despots without character and a theater of absurdities. All crimes pass for politics, and all frauds for cleverness but time will catch up with men and women who bring evil to the green chambers and shame to our dear country.


To those who take the back door and give the backhand, may they rest in shame. Deeds and evil intentions of bad men cannot diminish a great organization and a political party intent on national transformation. ADC is unstoppable, in the final analysis evil men will be exposed for what they are, opportunistic, little minded and delusional brigands.


To my dear colleagues, I will be surprised if you feel ruffled by today’s development. How many of these characters have shown much affinity to ADC since after they climbed on us to their present positions.


This is not peculiar to ADC either. AA had about 9 elected members at state and federal, but none stayed beyond one 1month. APGA had about 9 federal legislators, all of them from states other than Anambra left the party already, and even from Anambra 2 decamped. PDP lost Senators, Rep members, and even a governor and still counting.


Let’s focus on the big picture and continue to do the very best. The people, the electorate will respond at the appropriate time. Trust me ADC will emerge much bigger than any of these parties in the coming polls. 2023 beckons, the result will show a full blast.

To God the glory.

Ralphs Okey Nwosu

National Chairman ADC.

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Alert: Aisha Abimbola’s Ex-Husband Plots Evil Against Lola Alao After Losing Custody Of Kids



Just when we thought we storm of child custody case was over on case of Aisha Abimbola’s children, fresh facts are now emerging from reliable source, one of victor’s close who feels very concerned for the welfare of the kids but wants to be anonymous said Victor, the deceased ex-husband, has vowed to bring down heaven if his children are not returned to him. It’s no more news that late Aisha Abimbola’s ex-husband, Victor lost out in the custody case of the two children that the late actress left behind; Lase and Morenikeji.

The news right now is that the aggrieved ex-husband has been threatening brimstone and fire against veteran actress and close friend of late Aisha, Lola Alao, whom the custody of the two kids have been bequeathed to. He has also been sending threat messages to Aisha’s younger brother Ibrahim Musa, who is based in Uganda.

it was also gathered that Victor has not given up on the case despite the ruling of the court. according to a source, he might have lost out in the case in Canada but has vowed that he will take laws into his hands anytime he sees either Lola Alao or Ibrahim Musa in Nigeria. It is either they hand over his children or he will end their lives.

he confided in a source that the reason he has not reacted is just that he has not set his eyes on either of them and does not have the documents to travel to Canada yet.
Lots of people are of the opinion that the issue of the children should be settled before either Lola or Ibrahin comes to Nigeria since Victor is out for blood.
Late Aisha Abimbola died in 2018 after battling with cancer in Canada, and the custody of her two kids was given to Lola Alao, her blossom friend. This has since raised a lot of controversy between Abimbola’s ex-husband and her family. Abimbola had separated from Victor long before her cancer became chronic, and she had been single-handily taking care of her kids before her death.Do you really think they should hand over the kids to their father who never cared when their mum was alive

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