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Confusion As Royal Family Asks Oba Gbolahan Lawal To Return The Oniru Crown, Admits He’s Illegitimate For The Stool


When the system of selection of ruler is riddled with conspiracy and selfish plot, the consequence is usually grave on the generality of the community.


The Oniru of Iruland Gbolahan Lawal has become a nemesis to his patrons and handlers, as he has turned the Iruland that we knew as a place of solace, to home for thugs, assassins and marauders.


Ever since Gbolahan ascended the undeserved stool, numerous people ‘disappeared’ under his reign and several respected men and women in the community have been attacked and harassed by his boys.


There are countless cases of Gbolahan’s thugs inflicting life-threatening injuries and metaphysical charms on anyone he suspects to be an opposition.


There are also indications that the Oniru is disillusioned that he has not only dumped his key people who risked everything to give him the underserved Obaship status, but also turned them to disposable entities.


Recently some legitimate and recognised royal families of Iruland could no longer take the excesses of Gbolahan Lawal, whose reign has been on record as an imposed crown bearer, who has been handpicked to do the bidding of his paymaster, and they call for his removal from the royal stool.


The Ewumi Branch of Abisogun Ruling House recently called on Gbolahan Lawal to vacate the stool for Prince Hakeem Ajasa, who was one of the legitimate candidates for the stool at the time.


It was reported that Ajasa willingly surrendered his aspiration to Gbolahan, who was never in the race at the time.


Prince Monsuru Ajasa, who spoke on behalf of the Abisogun family said that Prince Gbolahan Lawal never showed interest from the inception of the In-house, Ewumi Royal family and larger Abisogun family nomination, selection and election processes such that Prince Lawal’s mother even gave her consent and blessings to Prince Ajasa’s selection/election when visited at Iru Family Resettlement Scheme.”


Prince Monsuru Ajasa further stated that Hakeem Ajasa was elected at the Olori Ebi’s House in Mile 2, Lagos and all Prince Lawal’s siblings were present, evidence that Prince Lawal was not amongst the contenders and did not show interest neither did he follow due the process as stipulated by the Chieftaincy regulations but was merely imposed on the family by Bola Tinubu.




In view of this development, therefore, the Abisogun have now rejected Prince Gbolahan Lawal in totality. The Ewumi Royal family of Abisogun Ruling House have since requested that Prince Gbolahan Lawal returns the crown and also vacate the throne.




Gbolahan’s reign of terror and his ruthless style of rulership has not only seized the peaceful serenity that the people of Iru once enjoyed,


Wherever Gbolahan passed, the grass will never grow again. He has demonstrated a chilling disregard for the sufferings of his own people and mercilessly crushed any opposition.


Things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold in the fold of Gbolahan. Heads are already rolling in his own fold.

He has ordered his thugs to take to the streets to intimidate and suppress anyone who challenge his excesses and recklessness in Iruland.


Recall the viral video that showed how some men were attacked by Gbolahan’s thug in December 2020, at a family shrine, where many people were severely injured and the 200 years old shrine was reduced to nothing.

Gbolahan’s reign is replete with examples of less than stellar leadership. His penchant for violence, murder, genocidal tendencies, and other deviancies is unquantifiable.

It is hoped that the paymasters who imposed him, will see through his tyrannical style of leadership and treat the situation as a matter of urgency, as his paranoia may destroy Iruland.

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Society Arena

@ 58: Arise Women Convener, Siju Iluyomade Says Her Passion is to Lift The Less Privileged, Support Humanity Globally



Siju Iluyomade

Her efforts to empower the less privileged people and support the effort of government in every area of endeavour has been acclaimed to be one of the most outstanding among the lots, who follow same passion as hers. Regardless of religion, tribe, ethnicity Dr Siju Iluyomade has continued to give her all to better the life of many, using her Arise Women Foundation to intervene in so many areas of human needs.



This trait of hers, many agreed, resonated to the birth of the Non-Government Organisation (NGO). Not only that, Siju, as she’s fondly called, is known to have nurtured charitable hopes and determination to help women efficiently thrive in life. She institutionalised the Handmaidens Women in Leadership Series (HWILS) to build intentional leaders.

Siju Iluyomade


While speaking recently during one of her programmes, Dr Siju who will on January 8 2022 celebrated her 58th birthday by giving out to the less privileged in parts of the country says “ my dream is to make sure Arise affects every parts of human life globally in terms of health, housing, education, empowerment, farming and many more”.  The gorgeously beautiful woman of substance  disclosed again that ,”in the last 14 years, we have achieved so much by putting structures like Hospitals, School buildings, Computerised library, boreholes are some of the many infrastructures we have built in many communities like Dafara, Kabusa in Abuja, Ondo, Imo, Kebbi and Lagos States just to mention but few”

Siju Iluyomade


The Arise Covid-19 Clinic through her initiative has also been activated where Booster and Covid-19 vaccine have been given to people through  support from the Lagos State government. A lawyer of many decades, through her humanitarian work, she has also branded a food basket called ‘ARISE PINK BUCKET’. The content includes food items like rice, semo, tomato paste, groundnut which distribution to every local government in Lagos State has already started with Amuwo-Odofin LG.




It is also of note that, despite Siju being the ever-supportive wife to Pastor Idowu Iluyomade of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), City of David and Arise Women being a faith-based NGO, she has not discriminated in giving succour to the less privileged in the country regardless of their ethnic, tribal or religious affinity.





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Society Arena

Apostle Suleman’s Unique Gifts, Healing and Prophecy @Yuletide



Apostle Suleman

Nothing is as beautiful as a man of God going beyond the pulpit to shower love on the people especially during the festive season. He is actually making them have the feeling that they are indeed valued and that God loves them.


A few days before Christmas 2021, servant of God and Senior Pastor at the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, began with his regular sharing of love by blessing members of the public with various kinds of gifts including cash, foods and expensive materials. As one of the God-given Christian leaders, Suleman has always engaged in charitable giving which undeniably is a huge motivating factor that spurs many to give. Such an act from men of God like Suleman is also a big reason why individual giving in Nigeria has continued to rise despite the country’s slow economy.


He did not stop at that, a day before Christmas, Apostle Suleman had visited hospitals in Edo State where the headquarters of his Ministry is located, to pray for the sick for quick and divine healing while he also donated millions in cash for their treatment and restoration afterwards. Also, a day after Christmas, a young boy born with sealed lips enjoyed the mercy of God through Suleman who prayed and have the boy’s lips open, to the shouts of Hallelujah by worshippers at the capacity-filled post-Christmas special service at the OFM headquarters.


Asked what informs his passion for regular giving, the ‘Restoration Apostle’ posited that, “God wants to love the world through us and the world needs to experience God’s love through us. Love is our propelling force, love is our heartbeat, it powers every move, every action and inaction. Love is the express reflection of God’s heart. That should explain why we make sharing our priority.”


Outside charity, Apostle Suleman also explores his unique opportunity to propel the Christendom forward with power and vision. Many times, his divine messages, including yearly prophecies, have been confirmed accurate. It is, however, not debatable that the growth of Suleman’s OFM, with branches located in most of the world’s capital cities, is based mainly on his successes in healing, sharing and his ability to accurately predict future events.


As precisely foretold in one of Suleman’s past prophecies, Edo State now has the approval of the federal government to build a new airport. Apostle Suleman had said in 2020 that, “I saw aircrafts and white people around the Auchi axis. The construction will commence in 2022 and will be completed in the same year.” Auchi is a popular town in Edo State and the new airport will be built in Uzairue, a town close to Auchi.



Sharing their joy, the beneficiaries are thanking Apostle Suleman “for his heart of love and empathy for humanity.”

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