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It’s safe to say that Wesley College, Dublin is firmly established among the world’s most prestigious colleges – it’s been ranked amongst the best in QS World College Rankings for many years in a row, and has achieved a perfect score for the ‘alumni outcomes’ indicator (one of the five used to calculate the ranking), having been associated with many captains of industry, CEOS, and professional experts.

Founded in 1845 for the Methodist Community in Ireland, Wesley College combines all of the best traditions of the past with modern, state-of-the-art facilities. The College is a co-educational, day and boarding school with students coming from all over the world.

But which Wesley College graduates have done particularly well for themselves? Read on to find out about some of the top tech school’s most successful alumni…

Tayo Ashiru is the new leader for Ajua, Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience Company. He was formerly the Head of Marketing at MainOne.

The Start-up company seeks to strategically grow its investments in the Nigerian market and positions to harness the power of its platform to enable Nigerian businesses to retain their customers’ loyalty and revenues.

Tayo Ashiru operates at the helm of operations in Nigeria as he brings tremendous Management and Marketing experience with him to this pivotal role. The company has significant confidence in the Nigerian market, and Tayo joins Ajua at a time as it focuses our CX solutions within Nigeria with significant investments planned for 2021’.

Prior to joining Ajua, Tayo Ashiru was the head of Marketing at MainOne, where he oversaw the transformation of the company into a global brand. He began his career as a product manager with Glo Mobile and was the first to launch many of the innovative data services that revolutionized the Nigerian telco industry.

With the disruptions of 2020 behind, a true test of 2021 will be how companies effectively utilize the right solutions to ensure resilience, agility, and innovation to thrive; and Ashiru shall be lading his team to lead Ajua in Nigeria to maximize this next phase of growth.


Deji Adetunji

Young and vibrant lady Deji Adetunji is the Strategy & Portfolio Advisor, ExxonMobil. She analyzes business, economic and strategic trends in the oil and gas industry, compare other competitor’s business strategies and leverage the company’s strengths to ensure maximum value and growth for the company in the long term.

Deji is an Engineer at heart, she has always wanted to understand the benefits of the oil industry and the mechanics of why things work the way they do. Her intelligence and passion for machines at a very young age saw her through amid the male-dominated industry and she is doing so well.

She was fascinated with working in fields that were culturally notable meant for women. She wanted to prove a woman can be just as good. She was opportune to work as a project engineer, design engineer and delve into the controls aspect of the business.

Demola Adeyemi-Bero


‘Demola Adeyemi-Bero is the founder and CEO / Managing Director of First Exploration & Petroleum Development Company Limited, a Nigerian indigenous company in the Nigeria Oil and Gas industry that is focused on creating value and operating to the highest standards in full compliance to the Nigerian legislation. In this role, he leads the company’s drive towards the attainment of a sustainably successful integrated oil and gas business in Nigeria.


Until June 2012, ‘Demola Adeyemi-Bero was the President & Asset General Manager of BG Nigeria with responsibility for the integrated gas and E&P business in Nigeria. He held roles as BG OKLNG’s Director in OKLNG Limited venture as well as Managing Director for BG Exploration & Production Nigeria Limited with responsibility for maturing the upstream assets in the Nigeria Deep-water.

As the Vice President for New Business Development in Africa at Shell International E&P, ‘Demola Adeyemi-Bero was accountable for new country entry strategies for Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, and East/West Africa, as well as growing existing positions in Nigeria, Gabon, and Cameroon. In these executive roles, ’Demola provided leadership over diverse technical and commercial teams towards delivering value to the Shell group’s business in Africa.


Oladipo Taiwo


Taiwo is an experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry.

An Economist by training and he has over 11 years of extensive experience managing high-level projects and teams particularly focused on sales, supply chain structure development coupled with execution and product procurement for the Nigerian Oil and Gas upstream and downstream business sectors. Skilled in Negotiation, Leadership, Business Development, Petroleum, Business Planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Market Research.

Recently Promoted to the Position of the Role of Regional Manager of the Southern Region for OVH Energy Limited. He is responsible for the regional net margin revenue of N7.58 billion for the 2019 financial year for the Southern Sales region of Nigeria. The Region is made up of the South Western, South Eastern and South-South sales areas of Nigeria and has a retail network of over 160 retail sites and over 100 commercial customers.  He directly supervises the region’s sales team of 14 sales managers and indirectly supports operational staff made up of engineers and depot operatives.


Simisola Abere

Consultant with experience specializing in the financial services industry with five years’ work experience from leading European asset managers. She is currently the transaction advisor and a senior associate of Cross-Boundary.

The UK-based vibrant lady has demonstrated her skills in no fewer than 5 companies including Delloite, M & G, BlueBay, Legal and General Investment Management, and Boston Consulting Group to mention a few.

Adesope Edun

 Prescient observers who are watching how Grace Alumni came alive on social media and news platforms would rightly agree that hard work in the right direction delivers enduring fruits. Hard work doesn’t kill; it yields a life that history acknowledges ultimately. That is the enviable story of Adesope Edun, the digital and Media experts/director who spearheads the publicity of affairs of Grace Schools Alumni.

Grace School, is one of Lagos biggest academic institutions. Academic analysts also say without disputation that Sope’s commitment to acknowledging and rewarding efficiency surpassed the figures for a couple of some PR experts put together. In recent times, Grace Schools has begun to wear a new look and recognition across the social space and academic corridors.

Most of these have taken place only under the watch of Adesope, even if one must admit that the process is a continuum. But every age would have to carve out its own distinct identity. History has a keen interest in taking note of this identity aspect in the unfolding of events. No corporate expert can appropriate the honor due to its successor or predecessor, the continuum theory notwithstanding! You have to carve out your own niche, as it were.


Adesope has pitched his tent with this history-making camp. It comes with a price: courage. According to Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States of America, “One man with courage makes a majority.’’ This US leader is credited with numerous courageous policies that toppled the established norms of his time. He was not afraid to make a decision as long as it was in the interest of the people.


For instance, Adesope displayed rare courage and compassion by initiating the need to award the icons in the social, academic, entrepreneurship, and political space, who had passed through the academic nurture of Grace Schools.

 The point has long been established that Adesope is a man who does not sleep, in a literal sense, until he has touched lives. He packs a thousand and one activities into the 24-hour schedule he has at his disposal in a day.

The bottom line and the aggregation of opinion of those that know him was that of a young achiever who is restless, committed, determined, and passionate to change the face of the school for good.


Adesope has received notable local and international recognition for outstanding delivery and the service to the people. For a man who has demonstrated several times that experience can indeed be an asset in governance, Adesope is always calm and dutiful when there is a major challenge in an organization that is increasing and expanding by the day.

The products of these schools are a pointer to the longevity of the administration of Wesley College Dublin having existed since 1856 also staying power and competitiveness since 1994. 

This is a virtue that Nigeria’s leading school, Grace Schools have coveted, also staying strong and competitive at 26. The administrative and economic sustainability can serve as a template or blueprint print for an emerging economy state such as Nigeria.

While we shall be celebrating Nigeria’s Independence Day, Wesley College Dublin’s 175 years and Grace High Schools 26 years in October 2021, Grace Schools Alumni body would be having an all-encompassing which shall feature a symposium themed “Sustainability in Politics and Education in the 21st Century”.

The organizers shall be mirroring the Economical, Historical, Political, and Social Background of Nigeria from the 1920s to the 1960s and to the Fourth Republic of the Present Day.

The session shall also consider the concept of Federation as practiced from  the time of Independent in  1960.

Role of Education as pertaining to Sustainability according to the UN as Enshrined in the SDGs( Sustainable Development Goals) shall also be considered

To wrap up the event, the role Education has to play in relation to National Development vis a vis Vision 2020 that Nigeria aspires to be in the top 20 Economies, shall also be examined

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Zenith Bank Refunds N3.23m To Angry Customer Chiamaka Agim



A leading Nigerian commercial bank, Zenith Bank has returned N3.23 million to Chiamaka Agim, a Lagos State resident whose N4.039 million was erroneously deducted on January 9.


According to reports, Zenith Bank had previously informed Agim that she would only receive N800,500 of the N4,039,900 that had been debited.


But on Monday, January 16, in the evening, the bank sent back N3,239,400.


Recently, the Zenith Bank client shared a post about the refund on her Twitter page.



Agim reported that on that Monday, the bank contacted her to provide an update on the refunded money.


“After the event, they had to put my account on pause, so I didn’t get any alerts,” the user said. I was told to visit the bank the next day,” she recalled.


“They had credited my account with N3,239,400 around 7.30 pm on Monday,” the customer said. “My account statement was printed when I got to the bank.”


She claimed to have discovered that Access, one of the two banks to which the funds were transferred, still held the remaining N800,500.


Zenith Bank stated that Access Bank is now withholding the funds and that it is not their fault at this time. They said Access Bank stated that the funds would not be released without a court order.

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Primate Ayodele Begins 17 Days Of Appreciation & Philanthropic Impacts, Visits Sick People



The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has kicked-off a 17-day appreciation and philanthropic impact on Sunday, 29th Of January till Tuesday, 14th Of February, 2023.

Many of his church members had a first-hand experience of the prophet’s philanthropic impact yesterday, Sunday, which marked the beginning of the programme. A good number of youths in the church choir were empowered, surgery fee was paid for 25 people, accommodation fee was paid for 20 people and every member of the congregation were given food items.


Today, Monday, which is the second day, Primate Ayodele visited old and sick people in Lagos communities with money, food items, clothing materials, and many more. He also prayed with them and settled some of their needs.


The old people couldn’t hold their joy as they passionately hugged the prophet and showered prayers on him for his rare philanthropic act. The very jovial prophet was also seen cracking jokes and playing with some of them just to lighten up their moods.

Till February 14, Primate Ayodele will be visiting several places, institutions, organizations to show gratitude and impact people with cash gifts, prayers, words of encouragement, food items, to mention but a few.


This is not the first time Primate Ayodele will be engaging in such philanthropic acts; every 14th of February is a day dedicated for his annual thanksgiving and it has been his culture to engage in massive philanthropic acts on days preceding the D-day.


Every February 14 for Primate Ayodele is always the mother of all empowerment. In recent years, the man of God has given out cars, tricycles, thousands of GCE/JAMB forms, scholarships, accommodation fees, school fees, sewing machines, beds, food items, among a host of many others.

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