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Says Our Government Already Sold Nigerians to second slavery.


The highly revered international cultural icon, who is the traditional title holder of EreluvOodua of Aye kingdom and Irawo Oni of Yoruba land, HRH Erelu Tinuade Mabel Onaneye has on Tuesday 8th of  December, 2020 berated the Nigerian Government at all levels and traditional rulers for the system failure and all the ugly incidents happening in Nigeria. Safety, security, hunger, starvation, and diseases.


The renowned social crusader, Erelu Tinuade made the declaration from her base in Texas, United States through a release she signed and made available to the press and general public via her media aide, Saint-Olawale Jimoh on the beautiful Tuesday morning at about 9 am. Erelu condemned the unbearable shapes that events are taking back home and wonder if one can still call Nigeria a home country.


‘No right-thinking Nigerian anywhere in the world will be comfortable hearing those horrible stories and happening from Nigeria. For instance, take a look at the recent massacre of about 110 rice farmers in Borno or the never-ending killings of innocent Nigerians in Southern Kaduna. The economy is collapsing and we are sliding back into recession for the second time. A Dollar now goes for about N510 judging by the current exchange rate. What about the outrageous amount of money being bandied about and stolen from the Niger Delta Development Commission? In the midst of all these, kidnapping and rapping haven’t stopped yet we have a government at all levels.’She lamented.

‘Regrettably, our traditional rulers who are supposed to call these politicians and government to order are shying away from the truth because of what they will eat. Today they’re all equally bearing the brunt of their inaction and negligence. In Odigbo, the Olori and the two grown-up daughters of the king were abducted and abuse by herdsmen. Around the same time, another highly respected monarch, the Olufon of Ifon in Ondo state was brutally shot and killed by those suspected to be hoodlums or kidnappers. The citizens are no safer, All these calls for sobber reflection.’ She continued.


Erelu Tinuade didn’t fail to also mention the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. She challenged all the 36 State Governors to publicly declare how many jobs they created since assuming office saying all they do is paying lips service to employment generation. She opined there no more office job for graduates except factory works owned by the wicked Chinese and Indian employers who enslave our youths for peanuts they call salaries and you dare not challenge them because they have the support of our government, another second slavery.


Erelu Tinuade concluded by calling on all Nigerians back at home to get ready for another national protest to reclaim our land and hold our leaders accountable for all the negligence and recklessness as she believes it’s the only way to restore sanity into the country and our economy.

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GTBank suffers mass staff resignation




The  IT division at GTBank has suffered a continual decrease in personnel within the last six months. It has caused a significant technical lacuna and work overload for current employees. Reports reaching 1st News have it that GTBank has been slow in promoting its staff; inadvertently triggering a wave of exits into the labour market which had attractive offers for their talent.

The shortage in manpower is bringing about increased workload; and mounting pressure on the remaining IT employees.

One staff said, “I was handling one application then it doubled as a result.”

Another one also: “There’s a particular team where three members left in the space of one month. Now, four people’s responsibilities are being juggled by one person.”

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And yet another staff said, “The pressure is crazy. One person is doing three people’s jobs all in the name of efficiency. That’s why our cost to income ratio will always be the lowest in the industry.”

An undisclosed source said the frequent loss of experienced workers without commensurate hiring resulted in gaps in technical capabilities.

He said: “The application I am managing was handled by two people; but my partner has gone to join another team. If I’m leaving now, a new person can’t cram; and get a good grip of everything in my handover note within 3 weeks. We simply need more people on the team!”

This gap is often reflected when there is a service downtime towards the end of the month caused by server overload. During this period, transaction volume increases due to salary payments; and other month-end payments; leading to more pressure on existing resources.

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Pyramids’ Road Trip Video to Aba Stadium, a Wake up Call, Says Egbe




The Chief Executive Officer of Monimichelle Group, Ebi Egbe, has called on the federal government to do something on the state of the roads in the country, declaring that the state of the Port-Harcourt Aba Road has become a bad advertisement for the country.

The poor state of the federal highway came to the fore over the weekend when Egyptian side, Pyramids Football Club who flew in the club’s private jet landed

at the Port Harcourt Airport and made a video of the horrible road trip to Aba and posted it on the social media, calling it a shame.

Pyramids held Enyimba 1-1 in Aba yesterday but qualified 5-2 aggregate for the semi final of the CAF Confederation Cup.

But Egbe whose outfit constructed the Enyimba Stadium turf noted that the Egyptians deliberately wanted to paint the country in bad light by showing the video to the world.

Egbe was however quick to add that government on its part also need to avoid the country being embarrassed by her international visitors by fixing our roads.

“That video by Pyramids is to me, a wake up call for us to not only fix our stadiums but also fix our roads.

“Teams that come to Aba to play have always commended the playing turf. We need to get it right on all fronts. This is why I am appealing to the federal government to get our roads fixed.

“Our teams would return to the continent next term and it would be a shame if teams from other countries that are far less endowed come in and mock us that we ve got no good roads in the country,” Egbe stressed

He further charged the various state governments to also upgrade their stadium facilities just like other countries are doing.

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