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Ashimi Azeez is currently one of the leading cinematographers in Nigeria’s movie industry. He’s at the top of his game and has been for the last 20 years. Respect for the story drives his style in every film. 

A style notable for use of natural light, a subtle camera, and innovative color palettes. He has worked with several A-list stars and directors, though he started as an actor, his passion and talent made him concentrate on cinematography which he loves so much.

He recently spoke to City people Head of Movie Desk, Abiodun Alao on his forthcoming project and how producers can make the best out of these trying economic times..


Can you tell us about your forth coming project?

Well, for now, I’m working on a movie with Nkechi Blessing Sunday, titled AMIRAH. It will be a great movie when released. I also have a personal movie in the works


Many producers are complaining that they don’t make money from movie production how true is that.

Well, that is a true situation. Most people don’t make money from movies because of planning. If you plan well, you’d make money. That’s what I believe. We still have many movies that break the boundaries across the continent and globe. So if you plan well, you’d see that it will work well.

What can you say about the state of the industry now?

The state of the industry is picking up. The rate of the industry is commendable and very exciting. See the quality of works and productions we have. You see it is moving well and we are thankful for everyone who buys our works and supports us.


Why did it take you that long to produce your own movie?

Like I said, it takes planning and looking at the way marketers and executive producers are the one enjoying on our efforts. It’s not encouraging and we can’t really stay working without having results and success.


Where do you see the Yoruba movie industry in the next 5 yrs

I see myself as one of the topmost directors of photography in Nollywood. I want to shoot top-notch movies with everyone that has reputation for excellence and I want to win

AMVCA, MAYA Awards, and co. The future is bright

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GTBank suffers mass staff resignation




The  IT division at GTBank has suffered a continual decrease in personnel within the last six months. It has caused a significant technical lacuna and work overload for current employees. Reports reaching 1st News have it that GTBank has been slow in promoting its staff; inadvertently triggering a wave of exits into the labour market which had attractive offers for their talent.

The shortage in manpower is bringing about increased workload; and mounting pressure on the remaining IT employees.

One staff said, “I was handling one application then it doubled as a result.”

Another one also: “There’s a particular team where three members left in the space of one month. Now, four people’s responsibilities are being juggled by one person.”

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And yet another staff said, “The pressure is crazy. One person is doing three people’s jobs all in the name of efficiency. That’s why our cost to income ratio will always be the lowest in the industry.”

An undisclosed source said the frequent loss of experienced workers without commensurate hiring resulted in gaps in technical capabilities.

He said: “The application I am managing was handled by two people; but my partner has gone to join another team. If I’m leaving now, a new person can’t cram; and get a good grip of everything in my handover note within 3 weeks. We simply need more people on the team!”

This gap is often reflected when there is a service downtime towards the end of the month caused by server overload. During this period, transaction volume increases due to salary payments; and other month-end payments; leading to more pressure on existing resources.

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Pyramids’ Road Trip Video to Aba Stadium, a Wake up Call, Says Egbe




The Chief Executive Officer of Monimichelle Group, Ebi Egbe, has called on the federal government to do something on the state of the roads in the country, declaring that the state of the Port-Harcourt Aba Road has become a bad advertisement for the country.

The poor state of the federal highway came to the fore over the weekend when Egyptian side, Pyramids Football Club who flew in the club’s private jet landed

at the Port Harcourt Airport and made a video of the horrible road trip to Aba and posted it on the social media, calling it a shame.

Pyramids held Enyimba 1-1 in Aba yesterday but qualified 5-2 aggregate for the semi final of the CAF Confederation Cup.

But Egbe whose outfit constructed the Enyimba Stadium turf noted that the Egyptians deliberately wanted to paint the country in bad light by showing the video to the world.

Egbe was however quick to add that government on its part also need to avoid the country being embarrassed by her international visitors by fixing our roads.

“That video by Pyramids is to me, a wake up call for us to not only fix our stadiums but also fix our roads.

“Teams that come to Aba to play have always commended the playing turf. We need to get it right on all fronts. This is why I am appealing to the federal government to get our roads fixed.

“Our teams would return to the continent next term and it would be a shame if teams from other countries that are far less endowed come in and mock us that we ve got no good roads in the country,” Egbe stressed

He further charged the various state governments to also upgrade their stadium facilities just like other countries are doing.

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