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The Coordinator, #TakeItBack Student Movement, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Clement Olayemi on Wednesday alleged threat to his life for carrying out activities as the coordinator of the movement on campus.
He alleged that the threat can be traced to the Dean of Student Affairs of the  institution, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Mr Oluyemi Odutola.
In a publication by Sahara Reporters entitled “Ogun Technology Institute Dean Of Student’s Affairs, Odutola, Threatens To Rusticate Student For Participating In Protest Against Rape, Opposing Management’s Anti-students Policies”, Mr Oluyemi Odutola was alleged to have threatened Clement Olayemi, an SLT student for participating in a protest against rape.
Sahara Reporters reported that Odutola in a telephone conversation with Olatoye also accused him of having a close relationship with Omoyele Sowore, publisher of SaharaReporters, whom he claimed was against the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.
The Dean of Students Affairs, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Mr Oluyemi Odutola is currently faced with false allegations from the popular #TakeItBack student’s movement.
However, new development surfaced when Afolabi Stephen, a public administration student and close friend to Clement Olayemi came out to disregard the news which he called ‘fabricated story by the #TakeItBack movement in collaboration with Sahara Reporters.
In a phone conversation with Afolabi Stephen. he told, GistIsland his side of the story saying;
“Clement Olayemi is a very close friend, I called him with my second number that day, I was so surprised he asked who was talking and then I decided to prank him, saying I’m the DSA of the school. I noticed he was short of words and in shocked, I proceeded by saying you’re a member of a forum off campus, you went for a protest.
“In a nutshell, I began to say things that I know about him as a close friend, I threatened him to tell me names of his friends who are also comrades and he did without hesitation. I asked him to come and face the panel the next day and I hanged up. After about 20 to 30 minutes, I called him back and revealed my identity to him and he got really angry, I apologised and that was all.
“It was a funny scenario and I laughed at it repeatedly and thought of doing it to another friend, I picked up my phone again and called another  friend Job Ubah, I did the same but he was so reluctant in mentioning names, denied knowing anything about some of the questions I asked him. I also asked him to come and face the panel the next day and I hanged up, after 20 to 30 minutes again, I called him back as well and informed him I was the caller.
“Funny enough, it was after that day, a link to Sahara Reporters was sent to me, also a tweet from Sowore saying the  DSA called my friend and threatened him. I was surprised because I knew it was false allegation. I reached out to my friend immediately but at first he denied knowing anything about the publication. After rectification, the post and sowore tweet were pulled down.
Gist Island Online Journal went further to ask why the news had become the talk of the institution since the post was pulled down.
Afolabi Stephen expressed displeasure when he saw a release by his friend entitled “#OGITECHSAGA: What Actually Happened”. In the release, Clement affirmed that he has the recording and he was indeed threatened by Mr Oluyemi Odutola.
Also, another release from #TakeItBack with the title, “#TakeItBack Movement Stands With Comrade Olatoye Clement; Any Attempt To Victimize Him Or Any Other Student Activist Would Be Met With Full Resistance.” This became unbelievable to me, he said.
It was gathered that Afolabi Stephen wrote an apology letter entitled, OGITECH: Apology letter to the “Dean of Student Affairs” and was made available to NEWSDIRECT.
In the same vein, GistIsland put a call through to Job Ubah, the second  caller Afolabi Stephen reported to have pranked alongside Clement Olayemi.
Job Ubah, who spoke with GistIsland affirmed that he was called, threatened and asked various questions from a caller who identified himself as the DSA.
According to him, “At first, I thought it was the DSA of the school, I was shocked but relaxed. The caller identified himself has Mr Odutola and asked me to be in school the next day to face the institution panel.
Few minutes later, the same number called and laughed at me, I still didn’t get it until he said don’t you know this is “Stigga” (Afolabi Stephen). We spoke about other things and that was the end.”
A lecturer of the institution who wants to remain anonymous, while commenting on the issue of the alleged threat termed it as a ‘mischievous act’.
The lecturer believed that the student who alleged the DSA intentionally wants to turn the heat on him. “I am extremely worried why the student decided to pick on the DSA,  as far as I know, the DSA have not swing in a rumor like this, we are all in doubt if he ever threatened the student, after reviewing all evidences.
GistIsland also called the Coordinator, #TakeItBack Student Movement, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Clement Olayemi to balance her report of the story.
He requested that GistIsland call back the next day to hear him out. GistIsland, however, called the next day but instead, Clement Olayemi refuse to say anything regarding the story. He did not affirm nor debunk the story.
All efforts to to reach the Institution DSA, Mr Oluyemi Odutola proved abortive, his phone number was out of reach at the time of filing this report

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American Based Musician, Fadojoe Declares Intention To Run For President in 2023



The United States of America based musician cum actor, Joseph Faduri better known as Fadojoe has declared his intention to run for the post of Nigerian president in 2023.

The famous entertainer cum activist made the declaration on Saturday 1st 2022 during the new year celebration after some Nigerian youths tipped him to represent them in the coming general elections in 2023.


information has it that, in October 2020, after the End SARS protest in Lagos State and some other states in Nigeria, the Youths especially those in diaspora contacted the highly intelligent actor, Fadojeo who has personally been extending his heart of gold to the less privileges in Nigeria, to run for presidency in 2023.


The Ipetu, Ijesha, Osun State born Joseph, then reluctantly rejected the offer until recently when he saw the need for a youth president to be emerged if throughly Nigeria is ready to move forward.


An official press release made available to us by his publicist, Gbolahan Adetayo, claimed that Fadojoe is fully prepared and ready to rescue the soul of Nigeria from destruction.


According to him, “Nigeria needs total change of generational leadership. We need to reposition the country for best.

So many things are wrong in my country and it’s high time we stop talking about it, we should try to fix it.

They use most of our Youths to rig elections in order for the old people and the same set of politicians who have been ruling us since 1960s to be declared as a winner. It’s time for Nigerian youths to vote their fellow youths who can deliver for the next generation. I represent a new Nigeria and I am ready to serve my people, to bring about a new country where 1 Dollar will be equivalent to 1Naira, where electricity will run 24hours a day, where roads will be tarred and no potholes anywhere, where jobs will be available to citizens as soon as they get off schools, where education will be free or cheap for every Nigerian, from Kindergartens to Senior High School, where farm will be producing foods locally and sell cheap for the citizens, where resources of Nigeria will be distributed evenly and no part of the country will feel marginalized. Where house rent will be cheaper compare to what we are paying now in Lagos State. Where standard hospitals will be built for us to stop running abroad for medical treatment.

A new Nigeria where the giant of Africa will return to its postion once again. This is the time to rescue Nigeria. Changing the face and the ways we do politics in Nigeria. Let the people of Nigeria sponsor their own president and not someone sponsoring himself to win election by giving us money to buy our future. This is can only happen in Africa. In America, citizen come together to contribute and sponsor the candidate of their choice, if such person wins, he knows that he has to do what his citizen sent him to do. Such president have no reason not to deliver”, he said.


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“Save Our Souls From Bandit Sponsors, Land Grabbers in Police Uniform”- Oreki Villagers To IGP



The Family of Olowu Ogunkalu and 12 other family inOreki Village, Lagos State is calling on the DIG, Force C.I.D, Abuja, The Director of State Security Services and the Lagos State Governor as well as the Commissioner of Justice and Anthony General of Lagos to Save their souls over infringement of the rights by some Bandit sponsors, who are allegedly working with some landgrabbers in Police Uniform.

The said Bandit Sponsorers are allegedly pretending to be land grabbers but in reality what they do is using the Ogunkalu Family land that has been sold to Harmony Gardens and other assignee in Oreki as Bandit training camp where they are training Fulani Terrorists.


The Family decried how a billionaire fraudster who specializes in using government acquisition or land that have been excised by government to others to defraud innocent land buyers, one of who veiled as Real Estate Agent, known as Otunba Steve Ajose, and an aliens of Hong Kong origin in person of David Chang of Cento Design, who had successfully built a Land grabbing Cartel now turn to Fulani Bandit Sponsors, as well as other forms of illegal activities in Lagos.

According to a member of the Oreki family, Otunba Steve Ajose, David Chang have been using the Fulani Bandits led by one Musibau Oladiti and some illegal mobile police officers which their engagement with the Nigerian Police is also shoddy.


In his statement, “On behalf of the Family, Chief Semiu on behalf of the Baale of Oreki, the Head of all the families that form the Oreki Village, Chief Waliu Olowu alleged that unlawful act being perpetuating by these enemies of peace, put the community, as well as neighbouring communities in disarray, which is also a threat to justice in other parts of Lagos; and by extension, Nigeria.


The Family seeks to approach the Media, as an unbiased voice for the voiceless, as efforts made through many letters, protests and petitions written to the Inspector General of Police and DIG, Force C.I.D and AIG Force CID are thwarted by some ‘ Landgrabbers in police uniform’ DSP Funmi EGUAOJE PPRO attached to DCP Dayo Ariyo who is serving as DC Admins in the Honourable DIG Force C.I.D, those who have been blocking other police formation investigative activities of the Bandit Sponsors and Land grabbers in person of Otunba Steve Ajose and David Chang.


Among the identified Police Officers are the team led by DSP Funmi EGUAOJE of PPRO attached to the DC Admin, Dayo Ariyo; and one Mr Uba Adams, OC Zonal Monitoring at Zone 2.


The Head of Oreki family alleged that the cartel uses DSP Funmi EGUAOJE in conjunction with DCP Dayo Ariyo to harassing, intimidating and persecuting genuine landowners on behalf of her fellow Land grabbers and bandits-sponsors, who they work with through hijacking of cases files and truncate investigation by setting the complainants up on frivolous and malacious charges after doctoring a police report to court for no reason thereby causing breach of trust between the police and community and actions of Funmi has been causing Nigeria Police Force clash with Citizen of Ibeju Lekki where Ajose, Garba Owo-Eiye, Owolabi Sars opersted because the citizens would not really understand that DSP Funmi EGUAOJE is mere a land grabbers in police uniform.


For instance; one Abu, a Fulani bandits in the David Chang Bandits-sponsors camp was arrested by the community’s securities with guns and handed over to Akodo police station, only for the case to be transferred to Zonal Monitoring Command in Zone 2, where one UBA ADAMS released Abu Yakubu to the bandits Lawyers and his father who is also a commander in the camp for DSP Funmi to send the same ASP ARCHIBONG to take over the files in bids to truncate justice and use same case files to set the complainant up for kidnapping as usual as this has been Funmi and Ariyo’s way of writing falseful police investigation reports to charges innocents land owners to court.


Abu Yakubu that was arrested with gun was set free and ASP ARCHIBONG attached to DSP Funmi has took over files to Abuja in bids to implicate Oreki Family member and Mr Saheed of Harmony Garden and other community members”.

Semiu also narrates how the Cartel arrested and unlawfully detained the Managing Director of Harmony Garden and Estate Development Limited in the past before the DIG took over the file from Ariyo and funmi to GID.


According to him, “the machinery of the Cartel had demolished fences, houses of the proposed sites for the Harmony Garden and Estate Development Limited and other station the Fulani bandits with AK 47 now turn it to bandit training camp on the land.


In lieu of these, we beg the IGP to ask for our petitions dated Sept. 27th, 2021. One was addressed to the IG’s Office; and the other, addressed to the AIG, FCID Annex, Alagbon, Ikoyi, Lagos. Do the needful including the case pick up by one ASP ARCHIBONG from Zonal Command, Zone 2, that link Abu the bandit who has close to 19 units of AK 4 in his pocession as evident by pictures attached to this release. We as well want the IGP to withdraw the case from the present agents of the Cartel and give an unbiased officers, with proper monitoring with time frame for completion and submission.


It may interest you to know that the Family and our clients had initiated a legal proceedings in suits No: FHC/L/CS/1706/2021 and FHC/L/CS/1395/2022 among others and all what we are praying for is the court to compel the Nigeria Police Force to remove all the cases link Oreki Villagers, Olamuyegun and Baba Adisa from DSP Funmi EGUAOJE.


As the Chief Security Officer of the State, we implore Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to use the State machinery to ensure that peace continues to reign in all nooks and crannies of the State by ensuring committee. The panel of inquiry is set to look into the matter and bring all perpetrators to book, in ensuring justice prevail.


With the valuable resources the Sanwo-Olu Led-Administration invests to ensure that menaces of land grabbing is completely eradicated in the state, elements like Steve Ajose, and his cohort are threat to such mission”, he said.


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