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The Coordinator, #TakeItBack Student Movement, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Clement Olayemi on Wednesday alleged threat to his life for carrying out activities as the coordinator of the movement on campus.
He alleged that the threat can be traced to the Dean of Student Affairs of the  institution, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Mr Oluyemi Odutola.
In a publication by Sahara Reporters entitled “Ogun Technology Institute Dean Of Student’s Affairs, Odutola, Threatens To Rusticate Student For Participating In Protest Against Rape, Opposing Management’s Anti-students Policies”, Mr Oluyemi Odutola was alleged to have threatened Clement Olayemi, an SLT student for participating in a protest against rape.
Sahara Reporters reported that Odutola in a telephone conversation with Olatoye also accused him of having a close relationship with Omoyele Sowore, publisher of SaharaReporters, whom he claimed was against the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.
The Dean of Students Affairs, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Mr Oluyemi Odutola is currently faced with false allegations from the popular #TakeItBack student’s movement.
However, new development surfaced when Afolabi Stephen, a public administration student and close friend to Clement Olayemi came out to disregard the news which he called ‘fabricated story by the #TakeItBack movement in collaboration with Sahara Reporters.
In a phone conversation with Afolabi Stephen. he told, GistIsland his side of the story saying;
“Clement Olayemi is a very close friend, I called him with my second number that day, I was so surprised he asked who was talking and then I decided to prank him, saying I’m the DSA of the school. I noticed he was short of words and in shocked, I proceeded by saying you’re a member of a forum off campus, you went for a protest.
“In a nutshell, I began to say things that I know about him as a close friend, I threatened him to tell me names of his friends who are also comrades and he did without hesitation. I asked him to come and face the panel the next day and I hanged up. After about 20 to 30 minutes, I called him back and revealed my identity to him and he got really angry, I apologised and that was all.
“It was a funny scenario and I laughed at it repeatedly and thought of doing it to another friend, I picked up my phone again and called another  friend Job Ubah, I did the same but he was so reluctant in mentioning names, denied knowing anything about some of the questions I asked him. I also asked him to come and face the panel the next day and I hanged up, after 20 to 30 minutes again, I called him back as well and informed him I was the caller.
“Funny enough, it was after that day, a link to Sahara Reporters was sent to me, also a tweet from Sowore saying the  DSA called my friend and threatened him. I was surprised because I knew it was false allegation. I reached out to my friend immediately but at first he denied knowing anything about the publication. After rectification, the post and sowore tweet were pulled down.
Gist Island Online Journal went further to ask why the news had become the talk of the institution since the post was pulled down.
Afolabi Stephen expressed displeasure when he saw a release by his friend entitled “#OGITECHSAGA: What Actually Happened”. In the release, Clement affirmed that he has the recording and he was indeed threatened by Mr Oluyemi Odutola.
Also, another release from #TakeItBack with the title, “#TakeItBack Movement Stands With Comrade Olatoye Clement; Any Attempt To Victimize Him Or Any Other Student Activist Would Be Met With Full Resistance.” This became unbelievable to me, he said.
It was gathered that Afolabi Stephen wrote an apology letter entitled, OGITECH: Apology letter to the “Dean of Student Affairs” and was made available to NEWSDIRECT.
In the same vein, GistIsland put a call through to Job Ubah, the second  caller Afolabi Stephen reported to have pranked alongside Clement Olayemi.
Job Ubah, who spoke with GistIsland affirmed that he was called, threatened and asked various questions from a caller who identified himself as the DSA.
According to him, “At first, I thought it was the DSA of the school, I was shocked but relaxed. The caller identified himself has Mr Odutola and asked me to be in school the next day to face the institution panel.
Few minutes later, the same number called and laughed at me, I still didn’t get it until he said don’t you know this is “Stigga” (Afolabi Stephen). We spoke about other things and that was the end.”
A lecturer of the institution who wants to remain anonymous, while commenting on the issue of the alleged threat termed it as a ‘mischievous act’.
The lecturer believed that the student who alleged the DSA intentionally wants to turn the heat on him. “I am extremely worried why the student decided to pick on the DSA,  as far as I know, the DSA have not swing in a rumor like this, we are all in doubt if he ever threatened the student, after reviewing all evidences.
GistIsland also called the Coordinator, #TakeItBack Student Movement, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Clement Olayemi to balance her report of the story.
He requested that GistIsland call back the next day to hear him out. GistIsland, however, called the next day but instead, Clement Olayemi refuse to say anything regarding the story. He did not affirm nor debunk the story.
All efforts to to reach the Institution DSA, Mr Oluyemi Odutola proved abortive, his phone number was out of reach at the time of filing this report

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Police launch manhunt for Sterling Bank staff for Stealing customers’ N300m



The Delta State Police Command on Sunday says it has begun search for a female staff of Sterling Bank in Effurun Branch, Delta State for allegedly disappearing with customers’ money to the tune of N300 milion.


Police Public Relations Officer in the State, DSP Bright Edafe who confirmed this to our correspondent, said that the suspect, a female staff (name withheld) allegedly defrauded customers of the bank she works in the sum of N300million, adding that the police were seriously looking for her.


DSP Bright Edafe said that the female banker was said to have approached some account owners to grant her permission to be using their money for business while she would be giving the customers certain percentage every month, adding that this was not to be as it was discovered last week by one of the customers that the woman stopped coming to work and an attempt to reach her on phone was unsuccessful as her lines were switched off.


It was gathered that on getting to her house around Living Faith Church at Water Resources, Effurun where she lived, it was alleged that she had also absconded as one of her colleagues said that the female banker did business with customers’ money with their consent while it backfired when many people she gave money to refused to pay back, a situation that had kept her hiding from the people.


Edafe said that the police will do everything possible to arrest her, disclosing that her co-workers denied her whereabouts when the incident happened upon police investigation, adding that there has been palpable tension laced with threats to sack her co-workers who assisted her to ensure that she was allowed to be using the funds when they pleaded with the owners of the money.


He also revealed that her husband had been invited for questioning.


Kontongs Bello, Police Public Relations Officer, who confirmed this to journalists, said that the suspect is wanted for many cases that bothered on robbery, stealing among others, adding that the police will do everything possible to smoke him from his hideout.

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Oriental Energy in 4m Dollar Debt Mess




The Federal high court sitting in Lagos, south west Nigeria has adjourned till 28 of September,2022, when hearing will commence in a case of debt recovery of USD4,143,856.70 filed against Oriental Energy Resources Company by Borr International Operation drilling company,being an alleged outstanding approved and unpaid invoices for the drilling services rendered in accordance with Contract for the provision of Jack-Up Drilling Unit and Drilling Rig Services rendered in the Defendant’s Ebok Field in OML 67.



The drilling company in a suit filed by its lawyer, Barrister,Gabriel Uduafi is also praying the court for interest on US$ 4,143,856.70 million based on the current London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), one month interest rate increased by 5 percent and calculated pro data on a daily basis from 6th October, 2021, till the date of liquidation of the judgement debt.


In its statement of claim, the Plaintiff stated that by the relevant provisions of the contract, the Drilling Operations, which the Plaintiff was engaged to carry out was required to be done within the Firm Term of 120 days.


It stated that going by the relevant provisions of the Contract, there was no fixed-or set target that the Plaintiff was obligated to achieve, as the Contract was not a turnkey but a day rate’ contract; and to this effect, Clauses and Schedule of the Contract explicitly set out the various rates to include Operating Rate, Standby Rate, Repair Rate, . Force Majeure Rate, Redrill Rate, Moving Rate and Zero Kate.


The plaintiff stated that the Lump Sum payments under the contract are the Mobilization cost of $450,000 and the

Demobilization cost of $250,000, a sum Which become due and payable upon the completion of the contract.


However,following the default in making payment as stipulated under the Contract, the plaintiff wrote to the Defendant both by mail and letters, demanding for the payment of the outstanding and approved invoices and that the Defendant wrote replies raising issues and points that are completely alien to the Contract as its reason for not making the payment.


The Plaintiff contended that in setting up a completely ridiculous claim, the Defendant claimed spread cost for nonproductive time (NPT) in the total sum of US$3,437,500.00 where there is no provision in the Contract to support such claim.


The Plaintiff added that following series of engagement , it was compelled to instruct its lawyers to issue a demand for the payment of the invoices, and by a letter dated 19th January, 2022 the Plaintiffs Solicitors delivered a formal demand for the payment of some of the outstanding invoices in the sum of US$2,533,749.12 net of taxes.


Rather than simply honour its payment obligation under the Contract and credit the Plaintiff with the value of the invoices, the Defendant caused its Solicitors to reply the Plaintiff’s formal demand by the letter dated 26th January, 2022 by which the Defendant now seeks to claim the sum of $10,511,754.00 as spread cost for non-productive time (NPT) and consequential loss, as against the sum of US$3,437,500.00 initially set up by the Defendant in its earlier engagement with the Plaintiff.


The plaintiff added that in accordance with the provisions of the Contract, the same came to completion on 10th October, 2021 when the Plaintiff’s Drilling Unit left the Defendant’s Ebok Field OML 67.


Plaintiff avers that by the Completion Date, the lump sum Demobilization Rate of US$250,000 became due and payable.

The reasons given by the Defendant in refusing to honour its payment obligation under the Contract are flimsy, frivolous, vexatious and ultra vires, the provisions of the Contract between the Parties, and having approved the invoices, the defendant is obligated to make the payment within the stipulated 30 days under the Contract.

Consequently,excuses given by the Defendant in failing to honour its contractual obligations to the Plaintiff are simply provocative, as same are not supported or derived from the Contract.

The Plaintiff is being denied of the payment due to it in respect of the services rendered to the Defendant

as a result of which the Defendant is indebted to the Plaintiff to the tune of US$4,143,856.70 as stipulated under Clause 11.2 of the Contract.

It will be in the interest of justice to grant all the reliefs claimed in this suit adding that except the Court intervenes and grant the reliefs sought, the Defendant will continue to default in the payment of the invoices which have been duly approved for payment by the Plaintiff.

In its defence, Oriental Energy Resources Limited stated that the company is not indebted to the Plaintiff in the manner alleged in it’s claim or in any manner whatsoever as the invoices upon which the alleged debt purportedly arose are disputed by the defendant.


The Defendant stated that the Plaintiff misled it into agreeing to the mobilisation of the drilling rig to commence the contract, by fraudulently misrepresenting to the Defendant that its drilling rig, Borr Natt, was suitable for the Defendant’s Drilling Programme.


In an affidavit deposed to by Abraham Faga, a Well Engineering Manager in the Defendant company, he stated that the Defendant is not indebted to the Plaintiff in the way and manner alleged in its claim or in any way and manner whatsoever as the Defendant is disputing the invoices upon which the purported debt arose.


He averred that without the Plaintiff’s fraudulent misrepresentations, the Defendant would never have commenced the contract and approved mobilisation of the drilling unit, hence the issue of Plaintiff’s invoices which were issued within the contract would never have arisen.


He added that the Defendant would, be claiming for a refund of all payments it has so far made to the Plaintiff as the payments were fraudulently obtained.


He claimed that due to the Plaintiff’s fraudulent misrepresentation, the purported execution of the contract was completely appalling with non-productive time of over 25 days attributed to rig related repairs which is unprecedented in the industry for drilling operations.


He stated that the Plaintiff hastily commenced this suit under undefended list to mislead the court into believing that the Defendant has no defence to its claims.


The deponent further stated that Justice will be better served if the Defendant is allowed to defend the suit.


He urged the court to transfer the suit to Ordinary Cause List for a complete and holistic determination of all issues in controversy.

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