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The Coordinator, #TakeItBack Student Movement, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Clement Olayemi on Wednesday alleged threat to his life for carrying out activities as the coordinator of the movement on campus.
He alleged that the threat can be traced to the Dean of Student Affairs of the  institution, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Mr Oluyemi Odutola.
In a publication by Sahara Reporters entitled “Ogun Technology Institute Dean Of Student’s Affairs, Odutola, Threatens To Rusticate Student For Participating In Protest Against Rape, Opposing Management’s Anti-students Policies”, Mr Oluyemi Odutola was alleged to have threatened Clement Olayemi, an SLT student for participating in a protest against rape.
Sahara Reporters reported that Odutola in a telephone conversation with Olatoye also accused him of having a close relationship with Omoyele Sowore, publisher of SaharaReporters, whom he claimed was against the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.
The Dean of Students Affairs, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Mr Oluyemi Odutola is currently faced with false allegations from the popular #TakeItBack student’s movement.
However, new development surfaced when Afolabi Stephen, a public administration student and close friend to Clement Olayemi came out to disregard the news which he called ‘fabricated story by the #TakeItBack movement in collaboration with Sahara Reporters.
In a phone conversation with Afolabi Stephen. he told, GistIsland his side of the story saying;
“Clement Olayemi is a very close friend, I called him with my second number that day, I was so surprised he asked who was talking and then I decided to prank him, saying I’m the DSA of the school. I noticed he was short of words and in shocked, I proceeded by saying you’re a member of a forum off campus, you went for a protest.
“In a nutshell, I began to say things that I know about him as a close friend, I threatened him to tell me names of his friends who are also comrades and he did without hesitation. I asked him to come and face the panel the next day and I hanged up. After about 20 to 30 minutes, I called him back and revealed my identity to him and he got really angry, I apologised and that was all.
“It was a funny scenario and I laughed at it repeatedly and thought of doing it to another friend, I picked up my phone again and called another  friend Job Ubah, I did the same but he was so reluctant in mentioning names, denied knowing anything about some of the questions I asked him. I also asked him to come and face the panel the next day and I hanged up, after 20 to 30 minutes again, I called him back as well and informed him I was the caller.
“Funny enough, it was after that day, a link to Sahara Reporters was sent to me, also a tweet from Sowore saying the  DSA called my friend and threatened him. I was surprised because I knew it was false allegation. I reached out to my friend immediately but at first he denied knowing anything about the publication. After rectification, the post and sowore tweet were pulled down.
Gist Island Online Journal went further to ask why the news had become the talk of the institution since the post was pulled down.
Afolabi Stephen expressed displeasure when he saw a release by his friend entitled “#OGITECHSAGA: What Actually Happened”. In the release, Clement affirmed that he has the recording and he was indeed threatened by Mr Oluyemi Odutola.
Also, another release from #TakeItBack with the title, “#TakeItBack Movement Stands With Comrade Olatoye Clement; Any Attempt To Victimize Him Or Any Other Student Activist Would Be Met With Full Resistance.” This became unbelievable to me, he said.
It was gathered that Afolabi Stephen wrote an apology letter entitled, OGITECH: Apology letter to the “Dean of Student Affairs” and was made available to NEWSDIRECT.
In the same vein, GistIsland put a call through to Job Ubah, the second  caller Afolabi Stephen reported to have pranked alongside Clement Olayemi.
Job Ubah, who spoke with GistIsland affirmed that he was called, threatened and asked various questions from a caller who identified himself as the DSA.
According to him, “At first, I thought it was the DSA of the school, I was shocked but relaxed. The caller identified himself has Mr Odutola and asked me to be in school the next day to face the institution panel.
Few minutes later, the same number called and laughed at me, I still didn’t get it until he said don’t you know this is “Stigga” (Afolabi Stephen). We spoke about other things and that was the end.”
A lecturer of the institution who wants to remain anonymous, while commenting on the issue of the alleged threat termed it as a ‘mischievous act’.
The lecturer believed that the student who alleged the DSA intentionally wants to turn the heat on him. “I am extremely worried why the student decided to pick on the DSA,  as far as I know, the DSA have not swing in a rumor like this, we are all in doubt if he ever threatened the student, after reviewing all evidences.
GistIsland also called the Coordinator, #TakeItBack Student Movement, Ogun State Institute Of Technology (OGITECH), Clement Olayemi to balance her report of the story.
He requested that GistIsland call back the next day to hear him out. GistIsland, however, called the next day but instead, Clement Olayemi refuse to say anything regarding the story. He did not affirm nor debunk the story.
All efforts to to reach the Institution DSA, Mr Oluyemi Odutola proved abortive, his phone number was out of reach at the time of filing this report

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Lagos Police Command Finally Arrests Abubakar Maiyaki Ajagungbale’s Notorious Boys Terrorising Ibeju Lekki



Nine notorious land grabbers, terrorizing Eti-Osa, Oreki Village, Ibeju Agbe, Ibeju Lekki and Epe Area of Lagos State, allegedly working for a renowned land grabber, Abubakar Maiyaki A.K.A Ajagungbale and Taiwo Enitiodunmo (A.K.A) T9, have been arrested in Lagos after their invasion at Odogbawojo Village with firearms on 21st November 2022, to perform their landgrabbing duty.


They were arrested by the Noforija Police Officers and later transferred the case to the CP Lagos State Crack team, on instruction of the Commissional of Police


Maiyaki, we gathered, is working hands in hand with Taiwo Enitiodunmo, an alleged Killer who was recently released from the Homicide, DIG Force C.I.D cell through the influence of one ACP Sanusi attached to the S.W.A.T, who is said to be senior brother to Maiyaki Ajagungbale.



Maiyaki and Taiwo are believed to be untouchable because of the closeness of ACP Sanusi to D.I.G force C.I.D who can easily misled the the D.I.G Johnson Kokumo on whatever police case hanging on T9 and Maiyaki


Enitiodunmo, we learnt, recently led armed land grabbers to Eredo and Odogbawojo where he allegedly killed a 4 years old boy and was released from Homicide, in other to escape justice within 4 months after his freedom. T9 is said to have been unleasing terror on Epe and Ibeju Lekki communities without fear of the law.


Abubakar’s team invaded Araromi Village at Abijo G.R.A where they attacked some Lagos State task force on landgrabber with men attached to S.W.A.T, who are working with him before the case was finally sent to the I.G.P Monitoring Unit, where the case was finalised and a legal opinion from force Headquarters followed but till now, the I.P.O in charge of the case has been accused of taken the file away through the influence of Maiyaki relationship with the ACP Sanusi.


In a petition written to the Attorney General of Lagos State, on 22nd November, 2022, the Erelu Family of Odogbawojo village, Mojoda, Eredo LCDA, Epe Local Government Area, Lagos State, claimed that, 9 of Abubakar Maiyaki’s armed thugs and hired assassins engaged to invade Odogbawojo were arrested and handed over to the CP Lagos Crack team but Peter Ogungbesan who hired Maiyaki and Taiwo Enitiodunmo to seek self help is elusive known that arresting their boys with Firearm in contravention of the Section 2,3,4,5,6 and 10 of Lagos State Properties Protection Law 2016.


A statement from the petition claimed that, This same Maiyaki is terrorizing Araromi in Abijo GRA, Ibeju-Agbe, Ibeju-Lekki perpetrating land grabbing because some aggrieved members within some of the communities, continue to engage him to intimidate and harassing their families or fellow community members, thereby cause breach of peace everywhere and it is time for the AG Lagos office to use Maiyaki case to sensitize Lagosian on the law that provides that, “No person or group of persons from the commencement of this law shall cause to be placed on any land or landed property agent for the purpose of forceful takeover of the said land.


The petition further claimed that, as it is, Mr. Peter Ogungbesan is also in contravention of the Lagos State Properties Protection Law for engaging Maiyaki to invade Odogbawojo with firearms.


According to the head of the family, Chief Bilesanmi Ashiru Oyede, “The gravamen of our complaint is that recently, precisely on the 21st day of November, 2022, one Peter Oriyomi Ogungbesan in connivance with one Abinleko Adeleke Sikiru engaged the service of the renowned and notorious land grabbers in person of Abubakar and Taiwo, who forcefully with the aid of his fellow land grabbing partners, as well as some unknown persons armed with dangerous weapons such as guns, cutlass, and others broke in and forcefully took over Odogbawojo Village.


“In the course of the said rampage and chaotic activities, Abubakar secured about Fifty (50) armed men pretending to be mobile police to illegally carry out their unlawful actions and consequently inflicted grievous harm on one Yusuf Ahmed and Adesegun Lawal, who are members of our family. They were only engaged to supply blocks to one of our assignees in respect of their land at Odogbawojo village.


“In order to carefully exclude themselves as the perpetrators of the evil and oppressive acts, the said land grabbers fronted their partner in crime, the said Abinleko Sikiru, who is the Baale of Ora’s PA, Mr. Peter Ogungbesan as a complainant wherein a frivolous and malicious charge was made against the said Yusuf Ahmed and Adesegun Lawal having assaulted, inflicted on them serious and grievous injuries and locked them up at Naforija Police Station, unjustly amidst mental and physical tortures in the said station.


“In an already planned script, the land grabbers ensured that one CHIA TERKUA, a

fellow land grabber in police uniform, is the Investigating Police Officer (IPO), who without any investigation of the fraudulent, frivolous, misconstrued, misconceived and malicious complaint of his fellow land grabbers, immediately charged the said Yusuf and Adesegun before the Magistrate Court, Epe in Charge No: EP/A/34/2022 COMMISSIONER OF POLICE VS. ADESEGUN LAWAL & YUSUF AHMED, who after serious arguments in court reluctantly granted bail on stringent bail conditions that took the said Yusuf and Adesegun to Ikoyi Prison, on their inability to perfect the stringent bail conditions all in a bid to get rid of them without just cause.


“It is not in dispute that Erelu family are the beneficial owners of all that parcel of land measuring 93.325 acres with Survey Plan No: I.O/0495/026j/2007/La lying, situate and being at Odogbawojo village, Mojoda, Eredo LCDA, Epe Local Government, Lagos State, having inherited same from our great grandfather, ADEBANJO who founded the present day Odogbawojo village. The said ADEBANJO of blessed memory in his life time begat ALAGBO and MIJA to whom he shared the said vast land before his demise.


“MIJA begat ERELU subsequently inherited the MIJA’S portion of land. ERELU family and or his descendants which include us have been in possession of the land and has equally exercised various/numerous acts of ownership and possession over same including sales/assignments over time without any interference from anybody. It was the said Yusuf Ahmed and Adesegun Lawal who were engaged by one of our Assignees and in carrying out the tenets of their engagement, which include taking blocks to the site that the said land grabbers and hoodlums broke into the land on the 21st day of November, 2022, inflicted serious wounds and injuries on the two of them”, he said.


Meanwhile, information has it that, this is however not the first time that Peter Oriyomi Ogungbesan is engaging the services of Maiyaki and Taiwo to harass and forcefully take over Erelu Family’s land by way of invading communities.


The said Peter, whose town shares boundary with Erelu Family’s land and having sold all his land, have encroached on other family lands as well as privately owned land as a land grabber that he is alleged to be. Peter is also in series of contempt of court judgement linking one Mr. Ibraheem Eleniyan


The first act of encroachment on Erelu Family’s land was sometime in the month of October, 2021 when he made an attempt to take over the land, having forcefully broken in with the aid of Abubakar Maiyaki and Taiwo Enitiodunmo and their thugs, but when he saw that Erelu family were resistant and unwillingly to be forcefully intimidated and thrown out of their village, they allegedly wrote a concocted and frivolous report. Alagbon and consequently some members of the family were unjustly apprehended, detained and maliciously charged to court with the said matter still pending at the Magistrate Court, Epe, Magisterial district.


Using the Police to frivolously charge property owners to court unjustly is one of the modus operandi of Maiyaki, the landgrabber.

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NTDC boss, Folly Coker”s 2nd Marriage Crashes



The second marriage of Folorunsho Coker, the Director-General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Company, (NTDC), to Aisha Rimi, has reportedly crashed.


Just when everyone thought Coker’s second marriage to Aisha Rimi, a member of Rimi Partners, an Abuja -based law firm specialising in corporate legal services, business advisory services and government relations, would outlast his first, it ended up making a dry run while it lasted.


Coker was first married to Folake Akindele-Coker, the boss of foremost fashion design label, *Tiffany* *Amber* . Folly Coker as he is fondly called, ended the marriage, which produced three children, abruptly. Still dazed by the manner with which her marriage ended, Folake retained her ex-husband’s name and still does to this day. While she is still single, Folly (as he is fondly called) moved on quickly and jumped into another marriage with Aisha. Aisha also used to be married to Lateef Bello Osagie, a sibling of Hakeem Bello Osagie, a former Chairman of United Bank of Africa (UBA). No sooner had her marriage to Lateef ended than she hooked up with Folly and married him. They resolved to give their second attempt at marriage their best shot and make their new ‘partnership’ work.


In fact, early in the marriage, Folly and his wife managed to keep the union together, but seeing that they could no longer continue to patch things up, they both finally decided they had had enough of each other.


What could have led to breakup of their marriage?


Pundits are however of the opinion that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission investigation of Aisha’s alleged involvement in the diversion of the sum of N3 billion from the account of Lagos State Government Number Plate Production Authority, when Folly was the managing director, was allegedly the beginning of the end of their marriage.


Recall that the EFCC in an affidavit had alleged that the investigation of the fraud was based on an intelligence received by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit of suspicious transactions on the account of Rimi and Partners.


According to the EFCC, there were “heavy inflows” in excess of N3 billion from LSGNPPA into the account of the company owned by Aisha Rimi, who was still married to Coker at the time.That perhaps,was the catalyst that set the tone for the marriage break up as Aisha was said to have revealed many things to the anti graft body.

Presently, close friends and associates of the family are watching with keen interest what the outcome of this break up will result to.

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