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Popular industrialist and philanthropist, Alhaji Abdulrasak, Akanni Okoya, celebrated his 80th recently and the entire Lekki/Ajah was locked down by the who-is-who is all the social space in Nigeria.

The Billionaire’s Olurunnishola’s Ville was clustered by powerful businessmen, politicians, and many captains of industries. The event became the talk of the town for weeks after the event, as the media couldn’t get enough of all the glitz and glamour.

The beautiful and enterprising wife, Dr Sade Okoya, was also very visible beside her husband, making sure the celebrant had a fun-filled evening and also ensuring that guests were properly taken care of.

The Okoya family, in appreciation to the guests that came and spent the entire night with the family, designed an appreciation card to thank everyone who graced the occasion.

In a letter signed by the celebrant, Alhaji Okoya, he wrote:

“On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all of your contributions towards the success of my recent 80th birthday celebration. I appreciate your unwavering love, support, and well wishes, gifts and prayers during the course of the celebration. I genuinely believe that it was a success because you were part of it.
“May we have many more years to share together in the future.
“I thank you once again and pray that the almighty Allah bless you and reward you abundantly.
“Ese Modupe gan”, he wrote.

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Gardener lmpregnates 3 Sisters Who Have Strict Parents



A house Gardener has allegedly impregnated three biological sisters in Kenya under the nose of their strict parents.


According to reports made by several news outlets, the ladies’ parents were strict and had banned their movements outside the house.


It was gathered that the gardener who comes regularly to trim the flowers in their house was the only closest thing to a friend that they had.


Their friendship had morphed into an amorous relationship which led to the gardener having intimate meetings with the sisters without the knowledge of their strict parents.


It was learned that this went on for a while until the ladies all took in, stirring baffled reactions from their strict Christian parents.


Reports making the rounds claim that the gardener had only been intimate with the secondborn until they were caught by the firstborn who then demanded for such treatment be extended to her in order to buy her silence.


Although it is not clear how the last born found out,she too eventually got entangled in the tryst.

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List of Properties King Charles lll Inherited From His Late Mum Queen Elizabeth ||



World leaders gathered in the United Kingdom to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II at the Westminster Abbey on Monday, September 19.The Queen reigned for 7 decades before she passed away on Thursday, September 8, at the age of 96, becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history However, the late Queen,who was buried at Windsor Castle left some mouth-opening properties for her successor, King Charles III, to inherit, some of which included Queen Victoria’s wedding gown.

She was popularly called zest for life. As one of the country’s wealthiest women, she inherited palaces, crown jewels and estates, The 96-year-old Queen also owned some unique and unexpected things. All of them became the new properties of King Charles.


The new king inherited the family inheritance that the Queen inherited. This included Queen Victoria’s wedding gown. According to Sir Norman Hartnell in an interview with New York Times in 1953, the Queen and the Queen’s mother are not ready to be fashion setters, noting that such is for people who have less important work to do. On other properties, such as Dolphins and Swans, by law in the UK, all white mute swans without ownership marks in England and Wales belong to the monarch.


Below is the list of the properties

Dresses, Handbags, Swans and Dolphins Horses ,Cars,Land Holding Family Inheritance, such as Queen Victoria’s wedding gown and the full body armour of Henry VIII. Jewels, including diamonds and precious stones.

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