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The Mist Beautiful Deaf Girl in Nigeria Group (MBDGN) in conjunction with the Empathy Driven International Initiative (EDIIN), a Non-Governmental Organisation that focuses on protecting and defending the physically challenged society in Nigeria will hold the first-ever beauty pageant for the deaf in the country.

On Friday, 1st November 2019, fifteen beautiful, intelligent, smart and super-courageous young deaf ladies from across the country will compete for a crown that has not been worn before. Tagged “beauty in silence,” the event is which is focused on inclusion, is designed to showcase the innate abilities of a secluded people in the society.
The winner of the debut MBDGN pageant will be representing Nigeria at the 2020 Miss Deaf World Beauty Pageant in the Czech Republic while the first runner up will be representing Nigeria at the miss deaf international in the USA in 2020. The runner up will also be representing Nigeria at the miss deaf Africa in 2020.
The MBDGN is fully endorsed by the federal government through the ministry of women’s affairs.
Speaking with journalists at a press conference in Lagos, the CEO MBDGN, Dr. Tolulope Oko-Igaire, said, “it has been nineteen years (19) since the miss deaf world beauty pageant began in the Czech Republic and Africa’s most populated nation is poised to be a part of this for the very first time. This has been in the pipeline since 2011 and in 2012, we brought Miss Deaf International into Nigeria. This is a dream come through, we are partnering with EDWIIN and this has come to stay. MBDGN is about making sure that the most neglected set of people in this part of this world are heard.
“Beyond the beauty pageant, we also want the public to know that all over the world, we are talking about inclusion. We are talking about an inclusive society; although they live in a silent world, this pageant is going to throw a lot of things to light. The violence that a woman living with a disability goes through, the neglect and exclusion that a girl with hearing or speech impairment experiences. All through this pageant, their beauty, their intelligence, and their talents will be showcased.”  Mrs. Uri Ngozichukwuka, the convener of EDWIIN and principal partner of MBDGN 2019 revealed.
The event is billed to commence on October 26 has a variety of programs like a visit to the deaf children school, Nike Art Gallery, Lekki Conservation, a spa treatment for the contestants, an awareness walk around Lagos and a grand finale where the winner of the pageant will be crowned.
Veteran actress, Princess Teni Aofiyebi one of the selected judges and mother of the day threw a weight strongly behind the initiative. Herself a former beauty queen of the Caribbeans in 1971, she expressed excitement at the initiative and urged both the government and corporate organizations to show love and support to the initiative.
Also present at the conference was the CEO of Golden Heights Travel and Tours, Mrs. Gbemileke Olaleru whose company has donated a travel ticket to Dubai for the winner of the pageant and her interpreter. Aside from this, the contestants will also have the opportunity of receiving various vocational training and will also be empowered to become IT and Tech-savvy via a vocational center for the deaf to be championed by the queen.

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N3.5Billion Debt:  Court Orders Gravitas Company Accounts in 26 Banks Frozen



In a bid to satisfy judgement sum of N3,520,976,013 a Federal high court sitting in Lagos has granted an order attaching the sum of

(“Judgment Sum”), or any sum maximum of N3,520,976,013 standing to the credit of a Limited liability company GRAVITAS INVESTMENTS LIMITED (The Judgement Debtor)in any of its accounts domiciled with the 26 commercial banks listed before the court.


The order of the presiding Judge,Justice Chukwujekwu Aneke,was sequel to an application,accompanied with sworn affidavit of the General manager. of West Africa Dredging and Marine Technology company( The judgement Creditor) Isaac Koloko and filed and argued before the court by a Lagos lawyer Barrister Louis Akanimo,


Mr. Koloko alleged that on, 10th December, 2021, the presiding Judge Chukwujekwu Aneke,entered judgment in this suit against Gravitas Investment Limited,in a consent judgement.


The said Consent Judgment is still wholly unsatisfied by the company as the company has failed, refused and neglected to comply with the Consent Judgment of the Court made on the 10th day of December 2021.


Indeed the company failed to liquidate the entirety of the Judgment Debt in full on or before 3rd of December 2023, as specifically stipulated by the Consent Judgment;

The company failed to meet its payment obligation on several of the quarterly tranche payments due in the year 2023, as stipulated by the Consent Judgment;


Out of the total Judgment Debt of 4,301,707,500 (Four Billion,Three Hundred and One Million, Seven Hundred and Seven Thousand, Five Hundred Naira Only) due as at the date of the Consent Judgment, the company only paid the Applicant West Africa Dredging and Marine Technologies the sum of N2,366,853,750 (Two Billion,Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Million, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Three Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty Naira Only) leaving a balance,on the principal, of N2,009,853,750 (Two Billion, Nine Million, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Three Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty Naira Only);meeting its tranche payment obligation to the Applicant under the Consent Judgment as and when due, a total of N1,511,121,263.00 (One Billion, Five Hundred and Eleven Million, One Hundred and Twenty-One Thousand,Two on the Judgment Debt as at 30th April 2024. Both outstanding (Three Billion,Five Hundred and Twenty Million, Nine Hundred and Seventy-Six Thousand, Thirteen Naira Only) remain unpaid till date.


The last tranche of the judgment sum sought to be attached became due on 31st of December,2023 which is more than two years as at the date of filing this Application,yet the Judgment Sum/debt remains due, partially unsatisfied and continues to accrue interest under the said Consent Judgment.


The company maintains bank accounts with the 26 commercial banks who are indigenous companies licenced to undertake banking business and related financial services in Nigeria, and that unless the Court so orders, the banks are unlikely to disclose the money due to the Judgment Debtor or pay it over to the Judgement Creditor in satisfaction of the outstanding Judgment Sum.

The Consent Judgment sought to be enforced was delivered more than two (2) years ago.

After listening to the submission of Barrister Lious Akanimo,the presiding Judge,Justice Chukwujekwu Aneke

ordered as follows :-

Order is made granting leave to attach the sum of N3,520,976,013(Three Billion, Five Hundred and Twenty Million,Nine Hundred and Seventy-Six Thousand, Thirteen Naira Only)(“Judgment Sum”), or any sum maximum of N3,520,976,013 (Three Billion, Five Hundred and Twenty Million,Nine Hundred and Seventy-Six Thousand, Thirteen Naira Only),standing to the credit of the Judgment Debtor in any of its accounts domiciled with the banks respectively, for the satisfaction of the Judgment sum due from the Judgment Debtor to the Applicant, as at 30th April, 2024 pursuant to the Consent Judgment of the court.


An order is made directing the banks to respectively prepare and file before this Court duly certified Statements of accounts showing the Judgment Debtor’s financial position with each banks as at the date of this Honourable Court’s order

An order is made that the cost of this proceedings, as assessed by the Court shall be attached together with the Judgment Sum.

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Primate Ayodele To Hold Maiden Edition Of Ministers’ Conference In August



The Primate Elijah Ayodele Gospel Ministers’ Forum (PEAGOM) is set to hold the maiden edition of its Ministers’ conference on August 17, 2024 at Airport Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria.


PEAGOM, a forum that houses the spiritual sons and daughters of renowned prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele, was established to foster learning and raise more representatives for God on earth.


According to the coordinator, Pastor Elisha Olugbenga Tolulope, the Ministers’ conference initiative came into existence by the mind of God. He noted that several spiritual sons and daughters of Primate Ayodele have been reaching out to him for a forum like PEAGOM for more than ten years until God gave him a nod earlier this year.


‘’This initiative came into existence by the mind of God. God’s servant doesn’t move on any matter, until God says move. Many of his spiritual sons and daughters including me have been reaching out to him for more than ten years to request for a forum like PEAGOM where we can learn and become God’s will. But, he didn’t respond to the requests until God told him to give a nod to it this year (2024). So, PEAGOM is the mind of God for those who want to matter and gain mastery in ministry, or any field of endeavour.’’


‘’It is an initiative that aims at bringing all the spiritual sons and daughters of the chosen servant of the most high God together on a platform, so we can learn at his feet, to become God’s able representatives on the earth. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:” However, Hosea 6:3 says “Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD…….. ” God’s knowledge is for those who follow on to know. Now, who you follow determines what you know, and what you know will determine what you will become in life.’’


According to him, PEAGOM stands out as an initiative for ideal mentorship and an avenue to make life better for members. Also, he made it known that some of the benefits of joining the forum includes having access to periodic seminars with Primate Ayodele, access to connect with him and an undeniable improvement in members’ ministries.


‘’PEAGOM has not come to join the crowd, it has come to stand out as a forum or initiative for ideal mentor / protege relationship. It is not an initiative for siphoning funds from members, but one to make members lives better in all ramifications.’’


‘’In PEAGOM, we have privileges and benefits which includes Access to Periodic seminars with our spiritual father feeding us with spiritual knowledge from his wealth of experience, Opportunity to have one on one encounter with him to connect with God’s grace on his life, Opportunity to have undeniable improvement in ministry or whatever you do.’’


‘’This is not a forum that will fade away with time. “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.” Ecclesiastes 3 : 14’’


To apply, you have to pick a form, or follow our link to get the form. Potential members can also call +234 812 824 1717 or +234 806 236 3323 for comprehensive information on how to become a member.

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