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The Council of Chiefs of Isheri Oke in Lagos has reacted to the purported protest staged by a group who claimed to be royal indigenes of the community who have been denied their rights to ascend the royal throne of their fathers since the last king passed on 18 years ago.

This aggrieved group who claimed to be from Olofin Royal Clan, led by one Mr Lekan Odunsi, had reportedly stormed the State House Ikeja, Lagos on Wednesday December 20, 2017, demanding that the state intervened on the ‘Obaship’ tussle.
Reacting to the protest, the council of chiefs of Isheri Oke spoke with newsmen, debunking the protest as a conscious and deliberate attempt to create discord and aggravate communal clash in the town, appealing to Lagos state government to intervene and bring all the miscreants, who are ‘evidently not from Isheri-Oke to book.
While speaking with newsmen, the chairman of the CDA Isheri-Oke, Honourable Kabir Abiodun Olonade, exposed the plot by those who sponsored the protest, to hijack the community from the true sons of the soil and override the peaceful systemic terms of rulership under the watch of Baale of Isheri Oke, High Chief Albert Oluwole Bankole.
He said;
“I am the current CDA Chairman of Isheri Oke community and I dare say that the concocted protest by the so called Olofin ruling house staged is illegal and criminal. These people don’t belong here, they are neither residents nor sons of the soil, and we are certain that their protest is directed to some other community because we don’t know them. Therefore their protest is null and void. Because we have been here for a very long time and we have had over 5 Baales in hundreds of years ago. The present Baale is the 6th and he’s been running the affairs of this community for over 38 years now.
The community has never had a king since inception, even the sons of the soil are just processing how we will upgrade to having a king.
There was a time we were invited to Alausa for a case such as this and it was the said Lekan who led the misguided protest that stood as their lawyer. It was Mr Abari that anchored the meeting and he said he’s from Agege, and Agege will not accommodate a stranger to become a Baale for over six dispensations. This is telling them that those who were at the helm of affairs were really sons of the soil. He made it clear that it was certain the Odunsi are not sons of the soil.
Another council member who spoke with City People stated
“I am Alhaji Muftau Dada Babalola. There have been six Baales since the inception. The Akinlotan family ruled twice, The Edun ruling family also ruled twice. The family ruling at the moment is Odunekun. Why would anyone attempt to deceive the government over ruling issue? It shows the height of desperation a stranger can go to cause conflict in a historically peaceful community such as ours. You can’t fight against what belongs to you, if it’s truly yours. As said earlier, we’ve had six Baales and each ruled for more than 35 years. The current Baale is spending his 38th year in power as we speak.
I will appeal that Lagos state government addresses the situation and not condone nonsense. Let’s first identify the community this group is talking about. Are they protesting over our own Isheri Oke? Do we have any other Isheri Oke? Let them show us a video of the protest and let’s identify each protester to ascertain if they are from Isheri Oke.
We have all necessary documents to show about the history and leadership of our community here in Isheri Oke. Let the intruders produce theirs and let’s see which area of Isheri Oke their forefathers belong.  I am sure this group must have rented crowd to concoct the disruptive protest because no true Isheri Oke  son will be part of such conspiracy. When the time comes, those who own the land knows who deserves to be the king; the government also know who deserve to become the king, because this present government is transparent and just. The government headed by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode can be trusted in all areas and even in conflict resolution such as this.
Taiwo Ogundele, the general secretary, CDA, Isheri Oke, while contributing to the matter, appealed to the government to help maintain the peace and tranquility of Isheri Oke community as conflicts that can lead to communal crisis such as this has never occurred at any time in the history of the town.
He said, “We would not want anything that will lead to breach of peace in our community that we have been enjoying for a long time now. We don’t want violence and we trust that the government also does not want and would not condone any violent tendency.” This matter can cause a major chaos if it is not addressed swiftly. We have never had a king and when it is the time for us to do so, God will lead us.

Speaking further, Hon. Kabir Abiodun challenged the protester to provide evidences that there have been a king in Isheri Oke. He said, “ Since the so called royal family claimed their king died 18 years ago, we request that they provide us with information about where his palace was located, let them tell us the family he’s from in Isheri Oke, when he became king and his chiefs”. He concluded.

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Adron Homes Begins Massive Giveaway for Customers in ‘Sallah Repete’



Nigeria’s leading real estate firm, Adron Homes and Properties Limited has unveiled its annual promo and discount sales in celebration of the Ileya season tagged: 2023 ‘Sallah Repete’.


In the 2023 ‘Sallah Repete’, customers will be given discounted prices for land purchased alongside mouthwatering prices and a flexible payment plan.


According to the company, it launched the promo to encourage all and sundry, and not just Islamic faithful, to key into the festive season to become land and homeowners.


In the promo, customers will be given 30%, 40% and 50% discounts on all land purchased, with the balance spread for 30 months for premium estates littered across the country, including Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ekiti, Niger, Nasarawa and Abuja.


The company, in a statement signed by its Director-General of Sales and Marketing, Olubunmi Akinfe, said the annual Ileya Sallah Repete promo is a yearly sales promo carried out to open more windows for existing and prospective customers who are willing to become homeowners at significantly discounted prices with flexible payment plans and also give them a massive reward with jaw-dropping prizes.


“For the Sallah Repete Promo, we have lots of prizes in stock for our customers who purchase lands in any of our estates across the country”, Akinfe said.


Continuing, the DG sales and marketing added: “We will be giving out prizes like rams, goats, rechargeable fans, home theatres, water dispensers, electric kettles, refrigerators, food processors, vacuum cleaners, bags of rice, cooking oil, gas burners, mini food packs, washing machines, deep freezers, smart TVs, generators and a whole lots of prizes.


“Customers will be gifted these prizes in the spirit of Ileya celebration for the 2023 Sallah Repete across our offices”, Akinfe said.


The promo, according to Adron Homes and Properties, will run between now and August 2023, and is open to both its existing and new customers, as they smile home with various gift items from the real estate company.


Akinfe further added that the purpose of the gift sharing is to appreciate the support and commitment of existing and prospective customers and urge them to do more and tell their family and friends to also key into the ongoing promo, adding that “at Adron Homes, the more, the merrier.”


She added: “Customers have started picking up their gifts from our offices. Scores of people are already subscribing to our plans. We are extending it beyond the Sallah period to allow as many who want to be homeowners to key into this opportunity by purchasing land at our estates at the most affordable prices with seamless payment plans”.


It will be recalled that Adron Homes and Properties, which recently clocked 11 years in the real estate business, has over the years bridged the gap in affordable housing for Nigerians by developing state-of-the-art estates with modern facilities like; concrete drainage and roads, recreation parks, massive gatehouse, security, street light, Grocery stores and a host of other interesting developments, making the estates habitable and comfortable for residents.


At the 11th anniversary celebration, the company reiterated its commitment to continually change the status of more low-income earners across the country from tenants to landlords by opening more estates across the country and sticking to its mission statement which is creating affordable housing.

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“I Killed Him And Used His Blood To Make Money Rituals (Oshole) for Yahoo Boys” – 22-year Old Ritual Killer Confesses



A 22 year old suspected ritual killer, Idowu Talabi from Ikenne-Remo has been arrested by the Ogun State police command for killing a tenant, Tobi Yisua, who lives in his maternal grandfather’s house.


During interrogation by a reporter of Alaroye, a dedicated Yoruba news platform, Idowu Talabi confessed to committing the crime.


He said, “he (Tobi Yisua) is a lotto operator (Baba Ijebu). Whenever he keeps money at home and they steal the money, he will accuse me of stealing his money.


One day, he was sleeping on the bed in his room, he did not lock the door, he only locked the net outside. When I wanted to enter, I used knife to cut the net and I unlocked it.


When I entered his room, I saw him sleeping naked on the bed lying face down and I landed the cutlass I was holding at the back this neck. When I saw that he was trying make noise, I used pillow to cover his mouth and used the cutlass on him again.


After killing him, I took part of his blood and mixed it to prepare “Osole”, money ritual charm. I made the charm to sell it to customers who will be interested in it, I did not do it for myself.”


Asked how he knew how to make the charm? He said he saw it in his father’s account.


On how he was exposed? he said, “the second day, when the wife of the deceased came from church, she found the dead body of her husband on the bed. She then came to me in the backyard, locked my shirt and accused me of killing her husband. When I got to the police station, I confessed to the police that I was the one that killed her husband.”

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