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The Council of Chiefs of Isheri Oke in Lagos has reacted to the purported protest staged by a group who claimed to be royal indigenes of the community who have been denied their rights to ascend the royal throne of their fathers since the last king passed on 18 years ago.

This aggrieved group who claimed to be from Olofin Royal Clan, led by one Mr Lekan Odunsi, had reportedly stormed the State House Ikeja, Lagos on Wednesday December 20, 2017, demanding that the state intervened on the ‘Obaship’ tussle.
Reacting to the protest, the council of chiefs of Isheri Oke spoke with newsmen, debunking the protest as a conscious and deliberate attempt to create discord and aggravate communal clash in the town, appealing to Lagos state government to intervene and bring all the miscreants, who are ‘evidently not from Isheri-Oke to book.
While speaking with newsmen, the chairman of the CDA Isheri-Oke, Honourable Kabir Abiodun Olonade, exposed the plot by those who sponsored the protest, to hijack the community from the true sons of the soil and override the peaceful systemic terms of rulership under the watch of Baale of Isheri Oke, High Chief Albert Oluwole Bankole.
He said;
“I am the current CDA Chairman of Isheri Oke community and I dare say that the concocted protest by the so called Olofin ruling house staged is illegal and criminal. These people don’t belong here, they are neither residents nor sons of the soil, and we are certain that their protest is directed to some other community because we don’t know them. Therefore their protest is null and void. Because we have been here for a very long time and we have had over 5 Baales in hundreds of years ago. The present Baale is the 6th and he’s been running the affairs of this community for over 38 years now.
The community has never had a king since inception, even the sons of the soil are just processing how we will upgrade to having a king.
There was a time we were invited to Alausa for a case such as this and it was the said Lekan who led the misguided protest that stood as their lawyer. It was Mr Abari that anchored the meeting and he said he’s from Agege, and Agege will not accommodate a stranger to become a Baale for over six dispensations. This is telling them that those who were at the helm of affairs were really sons of the soil. He made it clear that it was certain the Odunsi are not sons of the soil.
Another council member who spoke with City People stated
“I am Alhaji Muftau Dada Babalola. There have been six Baales since the inception. The Akinlotan family ruled twice, The Edun ruling family also ruled twice. The family ruling at the moment is Odunekun. Why would anyone attempt to deceive the government over ruling issue? It shows the height of desperation a stranger can go to cause conflict in a historically peaceful community such as ours. You can’t fight against what belongs to you, if it’s truly yours. As said earlier, we’ve had six Baales and each ruled for more than 35 years. The current Baale is spending his 38th year in power as we speak.
I will appeal that Lagos state government addresses the situation and not condone nonsense. Let’s first identify the community this group is talking about. Are they protesting over our own Isheri Oke? Do we have any other Isheri Oke? Let them show us a video of the protest and let’s identify each protester to ascertain if they are from Isheri Oke.
We have all necessary documents to show about the history and leadership of our community here in Isheri Oke. Let the intruders produce theirs and let’s see which area of Isheri Oke their forefathers belong.  I am sure this group must have rented crowd to concoct the disruptive protest because no true Isheri Oke  son will be part of such conspiracy. When the time comes, those who own the land knows who deserves to be the king; the government also know who deserve to become the king, because this present government is transparent and just. The government headed by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode can be trusted in all areas and even in conflict resolution such as this.
Taiwo Ogundele, the general secretary, CDA, Isheri Oke, while contributing to the matter, appealed to the government to help maintain the peace and tranquility of Isheri Oke community as conflicts that can lead to communal crisis such as this has never occurred at any time in the history of the town.
He said, “We would not want anything that will lead to breach of peace in our community that we have been enjoying for a long time now. We don’t want violence and we trust that the government also does not want and would not condone any violent tendency.” This matter can cause a major chaos if it is not addressed swiftly. We have never had a king and when it is the time for us to do so, God will lead us.

Speaking further, Hon. Kabir Abiodun challenged the protester to provide evidences that there have been a king in Isheri Oke. He said, “ Since the so called royal family claimed their king died 18 years ago, we request that they provide us with information about where his palace was located, let them tell us the family he’s from in Isheri Oke, when he became king and his chiefs”. He concluded.

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Nigeria Breweries Sacks 380 As Dollar Rate Bites Hard 



NB Plc’s workforce has been reduced by 380 workers as the brewer struggled with the loss induced by surging cost and the naira floating policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria last year.


NB joined brewery firms like International Breweries Plc which declared N59.5bn net loss in 2023 and Champions Breweries which is also struggling.


In 2023, breweries in Nigeria struggled with the high cost of operations and sourcing expensive foreign exchange to purchase raw materials for their beer and soft drink business.


Nigerian Breweries audited financial statement results for 2023 show that their desired destination of sustained profitability is still a long way off.


The brewery company which is the largest listed beer maker on the Nigerian Exchange Limited posted a revenue growth of 9 per cent from N550.5bn in 2022 to N599.5bn by the end of 2023.


The company recorded an unimpressively yearly loss which is huge by the standards of a firm whose business model is based on spending heavily to keep rivals out of the picture.


From a profit of N13.2bn in 2022, the company saw a scourging loss of N106.3bn driven principally by naira scarcity and the naira devaluation, which officially began on 14 June, 2023.


The company was able to curtail personnel expenses, which rose marginally from N51.3bn in the preceding year to N55.5bn in 2023 but was roped with N36.4bn finance cost which surged from N8.4bn in 2022.


Nigerian Breweries has now lost N153.3bn on foreign exchange transactions spiking from the N26.3bn loss in 2022.


The company paid more deposits for imports of N16.2bn up from N6.9bn in 2022, representing naira deposits for foreign currencies purchased to fund letters of credit and forwards, as well as futures.


The N16.2bn is related to imported raw materials, spare parts, and machinery.


About 99 per cent of the company’s products were sold in Nigeria while only N335.46bn were export proceeds, making it difficult for them to source forex for imports of raw materials.


By the end of the year, staff strength of Nigerian Breweries dropped by 380 from 2,685 in 2022 to 2,305 workers.

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Harmony Gardens MD, Saheed Mosadoluwa Refutes Smear Campaign, Clarifies Relationship with Oba Awujale



Renowned real estate developer, Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa also Known as Mr Ibile, who is currently a victim of an ongoing online defamatory campaigns and series of frivolous petitions, has refuted claims of land grabbing, and clarified his relationship with the revered Awujale of Ijebu Land, Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona, the Ogbagba II.


Mr. Ibile, the Managing Director of Harmony Gardens and Estate Development Ltd, addressed accusations during a press meeting on Tuesday, emphasizing his respect for the respected traditional ruler who he referred to as his grandfather, and his desire for peaceful resolution.


Ibile vehemently denied recent allegations, attributing them to a smear campaign orchestrated by his detractors, led by alleged landgrabbers’ lawyer, whom he described as a “defamatory lawyer.” engaged by Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi and an accused renowned landgrabber, Kazeem Salami, a.k.a All Rounder Ajagungbale, who he claims to have sponsored 39 petitions orchestrated by these individuals, all of which he refuted.


“They keep recycling the same allegations and using the media to manipulate law enforcement agencies and authorities,” Ibile stated.


Addressing the specific claims of land disputes with the Awujale, Ibile clarified that “the monarch expressed interest in a portion of the disputed Eyin Osa land, and he readily offered it since the same people that sold to him confirmed that, they gave the monarch 8 hectares at the same land, and that bestow privilege to Kazeem Salami to leverage on the oba’s influence through the Kakanfo to Awujale to instigate the king’s influence against Ibile for his landgrabbing interest, but no matter how the case may be, the Kabiyesi Awujale is the owner of Saheed Ibile and whatever belong to Saheed”.


In showcasing his respect for the revered figure. He denounced the misuse of the Awujale’s name by his adversaries in the ongoing duplication and frivolous petitions, proceedings, and media narratives.


“It’s even funny that anyone would think I’d be dragging land with a man of such stature. The Awujale is my father and role model being a sign of customary authority who remain the face and image of the Yoruba land.,” Ibile remarked.


“I had left the issues for our fathers: The Oloja of Epe in person of Oba Kamoru Animashaun and HRH. OBA Olusegun Awokoya to fully resolve whatever to wherever they want, and handover our company’s 94 hectares Survey plan investment within the Eyin Osa ressetlement land, out of what link our father,Oba Awujale or that of Baba Rafiu Jafojo to our company since they are the consenting authority of the ressetlement land”, he said.


Amidst the accusations, Ibile called for a transparent investigation. He urged the Inspector General of Police to establish special panel enquiries in camera to probe the allegations and expose the “real evil-doers” in Ibeju-Lekki/Epe area. “I am still not having any issues with the way police detaining me to please my detractors, trying to hide under the Awujale’s influence not because of concrete investigations but because the new petitions are duplication of what has been investigated before and charge to different courts”, Ibile added.


He expressed confidence in his innocence and called for justice for all parties involved, including those accusing him of landgrabbing, kidnapping and willful destructions to properties and himself, a victim of alleged cyberstalking, libel, demarketing and defamation.

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