Sarah Ofili On Set Of A New Movie With Saidi Balogun



Oh we never knew her bestie- well her best of the best out of Munachi Abii and Adaeze Yobo. You know Sarah, Muna and Adaez were best friends till Adaeze pulled out cus of marriage, and then Muna got very busy too with Tv. In between Sarah got busy too, with her new documentary show and she was left with her bestie Jumoke Popoola. Well well, that’s who she mostly roles with now. And our bad, we never knew Jumoke was into movies too, or do we say she just caught the bug? Well, she is into that now and they are currently at the ancient city- Ibadan on set of ‘Terrain of Power’.

Jumoke captioned her own photo: Learning from the best referring to Saidi balogun, Sarah captioned hers REUNION.. Saidi captioned same photo; Smiling to success with my great friends, Sarah and Jumoke on the set of ‘”TERRAIN of POWER'”.

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