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The cities of Daura -President Muhammadu Buhari’s home town, Kano – his political base, and Kaduna -where he has a home, and where the aircraft that brought him from London landed early Friday, March 10, as well as other parts of the North saw the people trooping out to jubilate and thank God for his safe return. I noticed that there was no such jubilation in the entire South West, the East, the Middle Belt and the South South. This is understandable.

Too many cynics and mischief-makers in these other parts of the country had expected the worst and they had been busy promoting the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo as a better man in the President’s seat. The manner in which President Buhari’s absence from the country seemed to have divided the country emotionally is perhaps one of the saddest outcomes of that experience. It was the longest period any sitting President in Nigeria would stay away from office. But the really sad news is that it again projected the ethnic differences within the country.
The fact that Buhari’s absence was due to illness raised anxieties on all fronts about the economy and the country’s political prospects. Whereas President Buhari had dutifully and lawfully excused himself and delegated power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who became Acting President, this created fresh and troubling problems on the political front. Mischief-makers began to promote Osinbajo: comments appeared in the social and traditional media, praising every step he took while his boss was away.
Meanwhile, his boss received more bashing than was the case at any other time since he assumed office. Whoever managed or instigated that mischievous media messaging process did Osinbajo a bad turn. One of the golden rules of power is this: Never outshine the master! It is in fact the first law of power.
While Buhari was away, Osinbajo did, wittingly or unwittingly, and how serious that was became obvious when a Buhari aide had to inform Nigerians that there is a single Presidency and that Osinbajo, as Acting President took instructions from his boss in London.  It was a sorry moment, with the President’s men trying to pull back the Acting President’s men, and struggling so hard to preserve the President’s image and hold on to power.
This is why Sai Baba’s return is a game changer, and it probably explains why his kinsmen trooped onto the streets in joy.  I wouldn’t know if he has returned against doctor’s advice, but we all know that he may still have to go to back to London for further tests as he himself has announced in a statement, but coming back at this time is a deft political move. Things were beginning to get so bad, power was beginning to slip out of Buhari’s hands. As the Osinbajo persona gained traction, Buhari’s ratings further nosedived.  When Buhari arrived this morning, he changed the narrative. And watch every step that he took: he met with the Executive Council of the Federation: a smart way of re-asserting control. He shook hands with some Governors.
He also issued a statement, which he personally signed. Within a few hours of his return, he took steps that left no one in doubt that he intends to remain in charge. I have seen power-game upfront at the highest level. Nobody should be deceived. If there is any cabal in that Aso Villa at this time, its members must be walking with a special bounce. There was even a smiling competition among Buhari’s men in the Villa today. Look at the photos. Some people smiled so much if their teeth had fallen off in the process, they would have gladly attributed it to occupational hazard.
One of the laws of power is that you don’t take power and then allow other people to seize the advantages. Buhari’s return has served one strong purpose: to hold power and keep it where it belongs. But in another strategic move, the man of power has made it clear that his Vice President will continue to act while he recuperates. That is brilliant: Looks like these guys in the Villa are beginning to learn how to play chess. With Buhari inside the Villa, even for just two weeks, before he returns to London if he does, he would have enough time to change the calculus of power, including the traffic that may have built up in another direction in his absence.
But Sai Baba don spoil business for prayer warriors oh! I am actually wondering why I did not listen to those friends who advised that we should also organize a get-well prayer session for Buhari. You know-you get-you-understand what I mean…that kind of prayer session that is an investment, with a well-thought-out proposal. You get sponsors, make some money on God’s behalf, publicise the prayer programme so well every important Government official will notice.
I thought this was thoroughly opportunistic, making money and enjoying privileges off another man’s illness! But may be when Baba goes back to London, I will weigh the options differently. More so as I can see with my own eyes that those prayers may have worked. Buhari’s return, in this heavily spiritual country, is probably clear evidence that God answers prayers! And let us not blame those who think so, because there are indeed people in this same country who wanted Sai Baba to remain on medical exile. But at least, now that the President is back, the prayer investors and their notice-me sponsors and those whose political careers depended on the-President-phoned-me-from-London moments will get off our back.  
President Buhari has told everyone who may be planning a trip to Aso Villa on a welcome-back visit to please stay off. Hi-an! Thank you, sir. Let people stay where they are, I beg, and do their work instead of trooping to Aso Villa to do eye service. And nobody should send gifts: in our tradition, when a man is recuperating, it is normal to send packs of tea (and Baba likes his tea!), cartons of milk and fruit juice and biscuits, to ease the recuperation process. I beg make una keep una tea, and other Greek gifts, Baba no want. And I think people should be told not to place any adverts in the newspapers welcoming President Buhari back to Nigeria.
The man I sympathise with is Professor Yemi Osinbajo. He will now have to tone down, roll back and generally stay in the shadows, even with his boss saying he can carry on while he is still recuperating. How can he carry on when the boss is back and on his feet? Can he possibly bear the title of Acting President when the President is back in the Villa? He and his team would have to do a quick re-set, both inside the Villa and in the media. Right now, I do not envy them…as they manage the banana peels of power.
And now that President Buhari is back, it would be most appropriate to draw his attention to many things that happened in his absence. Baba, while you were away…some Ministers were busy making noise, some Nigerians were busy wailing, some of them said you…you… the recession got worse, the Naira effectively became a yo-yo, one actress left her husband and started grumbling about STD, one house-boy in Big Brother Naija tried to get fresh with TBoss and got booted out, there was two- fighting in the PDP…No, I think I should let you enjoy your first day back home in 50 days. Here is a Yoruba song, which the wailers of the South West refused to sing to welcome you back. Enjoy it:    
Kabo o o,  kaa-aa-bo.
Kaaabo ooo, kaabo
Sai baba to t’ajo de o,
Kaa bo o
Baba wa to t’ajo de o, kaabo

 I conclude: The fire next time…

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SUJIMOTO Wonder building -LUCREZIA Ready In 3months …Still Selling Fast



“I want the $100,000 initial deposit I made back.”


“A lot of people are saying this dream is impossible, and you are too overzealous.”


“No one has achieved such yet, especially not in Nigeria!” Her voice still echoes in my head.


And, I remember responding with, “Aunt, kindly exercise patience; the tenth floor at $1.5M is a great deal.”


She had no idea that I had sold her a $4 million property for $1.5 million.



She continues, “In my 27 years of professional expertise, I don’t believe this dream is achievable!”


These are statements and concerns I received from the chairman of a major insurance company that attended our 5th-anniversary celebration in 2019. Afterwards, she decided to invest in Lucrezia’s off-plan before the commencement of the LucreziaBySujimoto’s foundation. However, she cancelled the transaction and requested a refund. Thankfully, the money was still intact, and I refunded her immediately.


Just recently, she visited the mock apartment and was flabbergasted by the incredible work and speed we’ve achieved on the Lucrezia project. As one of our staff continued to negotiate with her over the price this time, she refused him, saying, “SUJI handed me this property for $1.5 million a few years ago before its foundation started, why are you now telling me to pay three times the price?”


I said to myself, “This is what happens when a pessimistic investor refuses to trust in the vision of tenacious entrepreneurs!”


Unfortunately, she can’t afford it now, as the final unit we have is priced between $2.5 million and $4 million.



The best time to invest in real estate is to find a reliable developer with a wealth of experience and integrity. Then buy into his vision, now!



I remember vividly when we started Lucrezia —nobody believed us. The only person who believed in our dream and was more than happy to invest in it was the Managing Director of Providus Bank. A visionary leader who, despite all obstacles, sat at our side at every meeting, fighting for us and ensuring that everything we needed to complete the project was supplied.


Yes! Nobody told us it wouldn’t be easy.


Nobody told us containers would spend months in port or foresaw the price of clearing a container, spiking from N4M to N9M.


Nobody warned us of the drastic exchange of the naira to the dollar, from N360 to today’s rate of N750, giving us a deficit of over N5B.


Nobody told us COVID-19 would impact the global economy, which affected this project and shot up our costs by over 200%. Nobody reminded us of all these.



But these are the lessons we learn as energetic and uncommon entrepreneurs, as when we commit to a project, we ensure its successful execution against all odds.


This is one of our company’s trade secrets. We believe in our goals of reinventing luxury living, which is a true motivation for putting our perpetual effort into developing what is now worth more than N50 billion.


Building a duplex is different from building a skyscraper; there are fundamental, technical, but essentially important details you need to know to build a skyscraper.


That’s why all our technical and structural engineers are people with successful experience in the erection of skyscrapers across the globe. To reinforce our zero tolerance for mediocrity, we hired an Italian piling master with 28 years of experience to oversee the work of Nigeria’s proclaimed best-piling company, as we were determined to establish a foundation of unwavering strength.


A total of 17,500 cubic meters of concrete was used to create one of the biggest piles and pile caps in the world, which has a 900 mm pile diameter and goes 45 meters deep with over 140 piles, making Lucrezia’s foundation one of the most formidable foundations ever, one to endure a century and beyond.


We raised the building after the pilling from the ground floor to the 15th floor in 4 months, making it the fastest construction of a high-rise building in Nigeria with the use of bonded post-tensioning slabs, which are the only standards in Dubai for the construction of high-rise buildings, making Sujimoto the first indigenous company to use such technology.



To ensure that the facade installations are of the highest quality, we went above and beyond by recruiting the expertise of specialists and companies with proven track records in the fabrication of facades costing more than 1.5 billion naira.


Aside from the spectacular features—the IMAX cinema, the lobby, the virtual golf, a 345 square meter temperature-controlled pool, including a Jacuzzi and kids’ pool, and a spa— A special place the residents and other special members of society can visit to indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience is Lucrezia. We have one of the finest salons for the convenience and comfort of our residents, as well as a creche to nurture future kings and queens. Also, to create ample space for car parking, we raised the ground floor higher to enable double parking racks.


We are hopeful and optimistic LucreziaBySujimoto will be completed by June 2023, and we’d be gazing up at Banana Island’s tallest building. A 15-story ultra-luxury building with magnificent maisonettes and two of Africa’s best penthouses wrapped in a rare façade material known as glass-reinforced concrete.


The $52 million architectural masterpiece towers 65 meters above the ground, with a combined livable space of 18,000 square meters reserved for the vital few and an incredible, mechanically powered, centralized AC system that would outperform any other company in Nigeria.


Our mockup flats are designed to exude and emanate the luxury of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Shard in London. Zaha Hadid Porcelanosa, one of the best Noble prize architects in the world and the producer of the rarest sanitary wares by Porcelanosa, immensely contributed to this project, making us the only developer in Africa with such a level of rarity and class as it only available at 5-star hotels in Dubai and London.


With the proper quality control checks at every level, we made sure that all T’s were crossed and all I’s were dotted, ensuring thorough and rigorous quality control of every material, from the sand to the chandeliers, doors, sanitary wares, and others. Without a doubt, the project has been founded on resilience and determination. one of the most complex but successful projects ever, as everyone that worked on the project paid excessive attention to details.


As we near the end of this record-breaking project, we want to convey our deepest gratitude to Providus Bank for helping us develop one of the greatest condominiums in the African real estate market. And also, to our incredible staff, both local and international, which numbered over 300 people working day and night for the past 792 days to complete one of Africa’s most iconic projects


LucreziaBySujimoto’s penthouse, unquestionably the best penthouse in Africa, with a private golf garden, private elevator, private pool, and private gym, is still available to any audacious and daring individual. We also have one unit of the maisonette available for sale at a reasonable price.


You can contact the general managing director directly for further information or call 0809 124 3555.


Sijibomi Ogundele is the Managing Director of Sujimoto Group, the Czar of luxury real estate development, and the mastermind developer behind the infamous Giuliano. Our other audacious projects, such as the grandiose Sujimoto Twin Towers, the tallest twin towers in Africa, the regal Queen Amina by Sujimoto, a monument to royal affluence, and the magnificent LeonardoBySujimoto, Africa’s most exclusive waterfront high-rise development, have etched an indelible imprint on Nigeria’s skylines, a testament to their unrivalled mastery of luxury.


Furthermore, Sujimoto is dedicated to redefining luxury living with transformative experiences through intricately designed architecture and also searching globally for the world’s most renowned thought leaders in architecture, art, hospitality, and innovation.

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Obasa to Remi Tinubu At 62: Your Roles In Nigeria’s Democracy Are Indelible 



The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, has congratulated Senator Oluremi Tinubu on her 62nd birthday.


Dr. Obasa, in a statement by Eromosele Ebhomele, his Chief Press Secretary, described the former First Lady of Lagos as one whose love for Nigeria and roles in national unity and development are worthy of emulation by every well-meaning citizen.


The Speaker added that Senator Tinubu has continued to etch her name in the history of Nigeria as a politician of repute, a champion of the downtrodden and an advocate for the youth, the aged and good governance.


He noted Senator Tinubu’s passion for a greater Nigeria both as a crusader for a more vibrant democracy and as a serving member of the National Assembly.


“As the loving wife of our dear leader and presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, you have been a major pillar of support and progress.


“That Nigeria practises democracy today is partly as a result of the roles you played while the military held on the the government of the country. History is replete with how you worked tirelessly against the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election result won by Chief MKO Abiola and how you took care of many exiled members of the National Democratic Coalition and citizens of Nigeria who were at the time under the radar.


“As First Lady of Lagos State, your love for the education of the underprivileged in the society and the need to raise standards gave birth to your pet project, The Spelling Bee Competion, which, delightedly, has produced great minds and future leaders.


“Lagos is blessed with you and we are happy that you have remained a major support for the growth and development of our State. You have also remained a mentor to many Nigerians whose lives you have touched with your New Era Foundation and various scholarship programmes.


“On behalf of my family and members of the legislative arm of Lagos government, I congratulate you on your birthday and pray that God continue to bless you with good health, strength and divine capacity ahead of the bigger task before us all, amen,” Obasa prayed.

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